Research: gender stereotypes put men to unhealthier to eat

Unhealthy diets are as masculine seen, healthy habits are associated with women. Researchers from the University of Manitoba propose how gender stereotypes men’s health can be threaten.

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Men tear up hompen meat, rinse them with ice cold beer, find vegetables for rabbits and devour a whole bag of chips as a dessert. Men know why. Or at least that’s what the cliché wants it, because of course what you eat is not inherently related to what is between your legs. However, such gender stereotypes do indeed have an impact on the health of men, says researcher Luke Zhu in the Washington Post.

Men on average live less long than women, and they are at greater risk for heart disease and some cancers. Zhu and his team suggests that our ideas about masculinity and femininity and there something between sitting. Women eat generally healthier than men: learned behaviour, says Zhu. Women would according to the study more often choose food that is rich in fiber and antioxidants, while men are more attracted to saturated fats and empty calories.

“When we have a “male” atmosphere drew, chose subjects for less healthy food. When the same experiment was repeated in a more feminine context, seized people to healthier food,” said Zhu. Such a strong pattern can be used for those who are gender identity in the paint. Male happened to you? Then you choose just for a burger and fries? Cool and good, but if it is a fixed pattern, you can health there is suffering.

What can you do about it?

A simple solution is, according to Zhu in awareness: one who understands how the choice of foods by gender stereotypes motivated choice, can choose to go against the current. Also more mindful eating sees the researcher as a solution. He suggests the focus is more on eating and less on your surroundings, by asking yourself why you have certain food choose. Also the packaging of food plays a role: people rather choose unhealthy food as a sturdy packaging. Therefore he asks also marketers to make an effort. “This is not only about a particular behavior effect, this is about health.” (EK)

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