Reputed Gambino family mob boss fatally shot outside the house in the upscale district with mafia links

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Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali, a well-known mob boss, was fatally shot Wednesday night by an assassin in front of his house in a luxurious Staten Island neighborhood with links to the mafia in history.

Although such an attack could shock the doctors, lawyers and stock brokers who live in million-dollar homes in the lush Todt Hill district, the dead is not unknown for those who know the mafia history – especially that of the Gambino family, according to the New York Times.


Paul Castellano, the former leader of the same organized crime group, wielded the power of the comfort of his Todt Hill mansion for his murderous death in 1985. The Gambino family, once the country’s most influential mob, is no stranger to attacks like that on the Cali.

Detectives stand over the body of alleged mafia boss Paul Castellano, after execution outside of Spark’s Steakhouse on 46th street in New York City. The body of Castellano’s chauffeur, Thomas Bilotti, lies partially covered in the street, far left.
(Tom Monastery/NY Daily News via Getty Images)

Crime-boss John Gotti ordered Castellano’s murder in front of a steak house in Manhattan in 1985 to seize power of the Gambino mob, according to The New York Times.

The police has not responded on the question of whether they believe Cali was a victim of the gang in the crime or if the crime boss was gunned down by a rogue killer. Officials have not released a name or description of the hitman, if they have one.

Through the years, many other gangsters have found solace in the Todt Hill’s wooded properties, and custom-style mansions, including hitman Salvatore Gravano, or Sammy the Bull, who at the height of Gotti.

The streets are literally from “The Godfather”. The opening scenes of the movie, where Vito Corleone welcomes guests in his home for his daughter’s marriage, were shot dead in a house on Longfellow Avenue.

New York Police Department and the New York City Fire Department units respond to a report of shots fired Wednesday, March 13, 2019, in the Todt Hill section of Staten Island borough of New York.
(Joseph Ostapiuk/Staten Island Advance via AP)

Four hundred metres above sea level, Todt Hill is the highest point on the east coast south of Maine. It offers a panoramic view over the skyline of New York, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the Port of New York and New Jersey shore, the district serves as the perfect vantage point for a conspiracy crime lord.

Todt Hill normally has a relatively low crime rate. According to the data of the 122nd Precinct, where a part of the South Coast of Staten Island, there were only 4.7 major crimes per 100,000 inhabitants between January 2018-2019. District Todt Hill is among 15 site in New York City with 8.6 major crimes per 100,000.

Although considered a very safe area now, a series of crimes in the 1990s, a time wreaked havoc as mob bosses were the victims of incessant break-ins. In one burglary, court records from 1992 show thieves stole a diamond pin, a necklace and a bracelet set to the value of $95,000. In another, they took nearly $250,000 in cash.


After both the mafia and the police to track them down, Michael McLean and Robert Mede were sentenced— and their stash houses of their frequent senseless violence unveiled, antique furniture, Persian rugs, fur coats, artwork, devices, 125,000 euros in cash and more than 7,000 pieces of jewelry, Rolex and Cartier watches custom made broaches and ruby earrings, the New York Times reported in 1996.

Regularly attracting doctors, lawyers and real estate agents, Todt Hill houses are on the market for around $4 million, according to the current real-estate listings. The Richmond County Country Club attracts the upper class of the members that has a relaxed golf and tennis while the children live in the area of Staten Island Academy, an elite school for students pre-K through 12th grade.

“It is a lot of fun to get lost, drive around the winding roads and looking at all the beautiful houses—when they are not blocked by the giant cast iron gates, that is,” Donna Carotenuto of the City Habitats called in 2017 to a interview for Brick Underground.

“The district is chic and, in short, often extravagant.”

Fox News’ Stephen Sorace contributed to this report.

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