Republicans confront Müller with allegations of double standards in Russia probe

in the vicinityVideoRep. Jim Jordan Mueller: Perhaps a better approach is to find out how the false accusations started

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan presses former Special Counsel Robert Müller, on the origins of the Trump-Russia agreement investigation.

Congressional Republicans accused former Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday, the listening to under a double standard in its Russia-investigation, with the statement during a heated Hill that Müller threw the book on stocking behaviour of employees while ignoring false by others.

The Republicans, who for years have tried to draw a stark difference between how the FBI and Müller has followed the accusations against President Trump and his campaign during the 2016 presidential elections, and how does it assess the alleged misconduct on the part of prominent Democratic figures and those associated with them.


On Wednesday, in the first round of the Miller testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, GOP lawmakers again and again, the former special counsel faced with that accusation — with lines of questioning is to show, in a standard double room.

At one point, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., asked whether he can say whether the controversial anti-Trump-dossier “was not part of the Russian disinformation campaign.”

“No – as I mentioned in my opening statement, I-um, I, that a part of the … buildings was the case, older than me by at least 10 months,” said Mueller.

Gaetz didn’t notice, to stop this line of argument prosecutors to go after Trump’s former Chairman of the campaign. “Paul Manafort, his alleged crimes have not in terms of tax evasion older than she is, but she has a problem, invite him,” he said.

Gaetz and the Miller went back and forth on the anti-Trump dossier, which was composed and compiled by ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. The dossier has been compiled on behalf of Fusion-GPS—the company that was contracted, the conduct of the opposition research, funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign by the law firm of Perkins Coie. The dossier “were guaranteed a substantial part” of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), that the guards are approved, then the trump campaign map Carter-page, according to a house GOP memo alleged government surveillance abuse during 2016.

Gaetz complained on Wednesday that the concerns about the merger and Steele were to a large extent are not connected in the report, and the figures with them, were not collected.

“If people are in connection with Trumpf, you get the book throw at them. When Christopher Steele [is], nothing,” he said.

Müller, on Wednesday claimed he was “familiar” with the Fusion of GPS, despite Steele’s reporting is referenced in his report. He also went on to explain that the Steele matter, ” the outside of my jurisdiction.”

Gaetz fired back: “no-this is directly in their area of responsibility, Mr. Miller, and here is why. Either Steele made this whole thing up, and there were never any Russians told him of this huge criminal conspiracy, which you will not find at all, or the Russians lied to Steele.”


“Well, if the Russians lie to Steele to undermine our confidence in our newly elected President, that would be exactly in your area of responsibility, as they are different in the opening, the organizing principle was fully and thoroughly examine Russian interference. But they were not interested in whether the Russians are disturbed by Steele, and when Steele was, then you should have charged him with lying, and calculated for a variety of other people,” Gaetz continued.

The majority of the charges against Trump employees in Müller’s investigations were based on false statements made either during the trial or the Congress. Six trump campaign staff Müller extensive investigation, all charged with the violation were charged with U. S. C. 1001, or false statements.


You belong to the former trump campaign aide Rick Gates, a former Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen; former trump Advisor Roger stone, a former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn; and the former trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, directly questioned Miller on his decisions free of the “around the President” with false statements, and several other important personalities who played a Central role in the initiation of the investigation as a whole.

Jordan referred to, Malta professor Joseph Mifsud, the in the year 2016, told Papadopoulos that the Russians had dirt in the form of E-Mails that could harm Clinton’s presidential campaign. Papadopoulos, then of the Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, the new information said. Fly in the ointment is reported by Papadopoulos’ comments to him to the FBI and effectively, the Bureau of the original investigation in the trump campaign and coordination with the Russian government started, according to the reports.


“Three times Mifsud lied to the FBI and you have not charge him with a crime. He has lied three times—they showed it in the report—why charge him with a crime?” Jordan asked.

Müller replied: “I can be in the internal deliberations with regards to the would or would not–.”

“You pay a lot of other people with false statements. Let us remember, in 2016, the FBI will have something they have not done, probably, before. You peeped on two U.S. citizens in connection with an election campaign—George Papadopoulos, and Carter page,” said Jordan. “With the side they went to the FISA court and used the now-famous dossier to get a warrant. With Papadopoulos, you did not go to court—they used human sources—from the moment Papadopoulos the trump campaign entered, you have to start people around the world to swirl around him.”

Jordan went on to list Downer and Mifsud, among others.

“Mifsud is the guy that the Papadopoulos said [about Russian dirt], he was the man that started it all, but when the FBI interviewed him, he lies three times. They don’t charge him,” said Jordan. “The man who starts the country, by the saga for the past three years, we have to go through this now—not is it, boys, charge them to him, and I’m curious as to why.”


Müller replied: “Well, I can, and it’s obvious, I think, that we can not meet to get in the boot.”

“You may have, free of charge, is part of 13 Russians, no one before, no one ever seen, no one has ever see go to, can you. for free all kind of people who were around the President with false statements, but the guy that starts everything, what brings this whole show in motion—you calculate it I think this is amazing,” said Jordan.

“I’m not sure I agree with your characterizations,” Müller said in an attempt to defend his report and the work of the team.

“Also, I read from your report,” sneered Jordan.

The President, his surrogates, and the Republicans on Capitol Hill have demanded since the start of the Müller-investigation, a separate probe into alleged misconduct at the FBI and in relation to the original opening of the Russia-espionage-review.

“Perhaps a better approach is to find out how the false accusations started. Maybe you will find out why Mifsud was the FBI—and here is the good news—this is exactly what Bill Barr does, and thank God for that,” said Jordan.

To investigate Barr was appointed U.S. attorney from Connecticut, John Durham, the “all intelligence activities” in connection with the trump campaign during the 2016 presidential elections. Barr, assigned to Durham, to the conduct of the investigation of alleged misconduct and the alleged abusive state surveillance on the trump campaign, as well as whether Democrats were the ones who were not properly coordinated with foreign actors.

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