Republicans are to publish a list of required witnesses, Oekraïneaffaire

The Republicans in the Us house of Commons have announced they want to question in the investigation of the Oekraïneaffaire. The list includes, as expected, inter alia, Hunter Biden, the son of a Democrat, Joe Biden, special representative of the united states in the Ukraine: Kurt Volker and the events of the current research is launched.

The latter is willing to put in a letter answering questions from Republican members of congress. The attorney for the whistleblower claims that his client is “no matter what it takes” to remain anonymous. The Democrats, having a majority of seats in the House, you will be a witness of the events, and Hunter Biden are likely to block, set the Reuters news agency.

“The American people deserve to have these people in a very public setting, to hear it,” says Devin Nunes, the top Republican in the afzettingsonderzoek at Home. Dunes is that it is the research Home for “unfair and unclear”, it is.

The Republican party will publish the list at a time when the afzettingsonderzoek of the Democratic party for a new publiekere phase. Next week will be the first of the public hearings of the witnesses in the case. It will also be broadcast on television. Up to now, however, they found another, behind closed doors, in place.

The Republicans have to the American businessman, Devon, Archer called out. He would have to be the same of the Ukrainian energy company, as Biden, Burisma, having worked as an advisory member of the board. However, it would be “as an experienced worker in the Ukraine,” the issue of corruption in the country and be able to explain it.

Tim Morrison, a former top advisor in the area of the country and Europe at the National Security council, also need to answer the questions. In the meantime, opgestapte Morrison was one of the government officials who are meeluisterden during the incident over the phone.

Further, Alexandra Chalupa (employee of the embassy of Ukraine in the united states), Nellie Ohr (contractor information service (inlichtingenbureau), Fusion of GPS) and David Hale (diplomat) of explanation to give.


These are the Trumps predecessors, it is in an impeachment procedure

Afzettingsonderzoek is going to be a controversial call Home

Us president, Donald Trump is a afzettingsonderzoek because he is being accused by the Ukrainian government is under pressure to put in.

This would be for the president to have done so, because he’s a criminal investigation, wanted to go to the son of the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. The son of a Biden, Hunter, was a member of the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

He has nearly $ 400 million to more than 361 million euros) in military aid withheld, and a meeting is denied by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, according to the allegations, to conduct an investigation into Hunter’s Offer to enforce. He considers the investigation as a “witch-hunt” of the Democratic party.

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