Reporter’s Notebook: DC not go quietly preparing for the shutdown, so as not to disturb the Yellies

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It was quiet on a late Friday afternoon on Capitol Hill.

Too quiet.

Zero-TV-network-cameras jutted into the narrow “Will Rogers” corridor in the vicinity of the house chamber. Not a single reporter was concentrated between the columns in Statuary Hall, ready to a live recording. A lone TV crew was set up in the rotunda of the Russell Senate Office Building. When a correspondent went to air, the noted anchor in New York, about how pronounced the echo hall, and echoed from the arches over the sound in the vicinity of the abandoned game.

One wonders whether it is so quiet there at the next Friday night on Capitol Hill, as nine of the 15 Cabinet departments of a government shutdown at 11:59:59 PM ET.

What is amazing about this potential government shutdown crisis, the silence is. The lack of information. The lack of panic and fear.


It is strange, all the tiptoeing around Capitol Hill with Washington about to lurch into a holiday disaster.

Maybe there is only one logical explanation: everyone is concerned about the disruption of the Yellies.

The Yellies, a new toy under the Christmas storm and the parents are driving in their liquor cabinets. The Yellies are tiny, fuzzy arachnids. When people speak softly, the Yellies move slowly. But the louder people are, the faster you go.

And as you can imagine, children love to scream and shout, send grown-ups into convulsions, as the Yellies dart about the house, beating at Mach 2.

This is kind of what happens on Capitol Hill. Everyone looked at the Conclave with President Trump, house Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California and Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York, in the Oval Office on Tuesday. You understand that the volatility of the government shutdown during the Christmas period. So, everyone tries to keep quiet, so as not to disturb the Yellies.


There are muffled conversations. Not even the most important exchanges of offers between Capitol Hill and the administration. So, everyone tries to keep quiet, so as not to disturb the Yellies.

It has been some chatter that the Trump can take account of the government and of the Congress, is a short-term, interim spending bill (known as a continuing resolution, or CR), easy to renew all funding until the beginning of January and send them all home for Christmas.

This would Finance all of it through the new Congress.

A Senior Democratic congressional aide tells Fox News that “the only thing that would meet a two-week CR, is that President Trump will lose twice.”

In other words, no wall on December 21. And no wall in January, when the Democrats control of the house.


But a CR would be to avoid shut down and to ensure that Federal workers are paid, over the Christmas break. Democrats might be hard-pressed to counter such an alternative. There is not a lot of options available. This is like walking into a diner late in the night and in search of a character, the limited menu says “on.” There is only a limited selection of dishes that you can cook on the congressional grill:

1) the Congress approves a CR for the entire fiscal year on all seven of the pending spending bills. This means that there is no wall, the money.

2) the Congress brand goes areas of new bills for six issues and has a CR for Homeland Security funds. In this scenario, the wall is missing money.

3) the Congress okays all the seven notes and wall-money in the Homeland Security measure.

4) the Congress approves a stopgap, which runs until the end of January or so.

5) the Congress and the President agree on nothing, and the government shut down on December 22.

To give a little. Either the Democrats cave and agree to a package with a wall of money, or trump and accepted measures wall-money caves. It is all about semantics. The pages are not able to give a suggestion, where you see it Democrats, on the wall, yet can Trump, to tout the fact that he, in fact, the funding for the wall?


Such a political duckbilled platypus is not rare in Washington, especially when everyone can leave, the compromise of the interpretation and tell the public, they got what they wanted and stood their ground.

Trump has a lot to lose.

It was a lot of introspection, two weeks ago, when President George H. W. Bush died and lay in state in the Capitol Rotunda. The historian noted how Bush miss his famous election were promises of “no new taxes.” The government shutdown for a few days at the beginning of October 1990. To fight for the re-opening of the government and boosting the economy, Bush is back on his “no new taxes” promise. The tax increase, a strengthening of the economy. But in the campaign promise is forever damaged, is the President and hurt his chances in the 1992 presidential elections.

No other campaign promise, flatters Trump on his faithful more than the promise to build the wall. On the one hand, if you go to the Mat, and certainly not the wall damage trump could. But, as a senior Republican watching Fox News, it doesn’t matter to Trump. His approval rate was in the 30-40 percent range. Everything Trump does not move, the lot of metres one way or the other.

“He can’t take care of easily,” remarked the Deputy.


By the same token, the Republicans have the support of their base have been trying to say that Pelosi must go to secure a toe-to-toe with trump. This is an old argument now. Not long after the election, Trump said he would be willing to help the necessary votes for speaker Pelosi for sure. Well, Trump, in fact, help Pelosi in this endeavor — perhaps unknowingly — during this extraordinary Council, in the Oval Office on Tuesday. Pelosi appeared strong and in control. The exchange strengthened certainly Pelosi are among the house Democrats who were skeptical about their return to the speaker’s suite. Meantime, the President said he would take credit for a shutdown.

On Friday evening, the President’s Budget tapped to serve Director and the house freedom Caucus founder Mick Mulvaney, as “acting” Chief of Staff. Mulvaney came to Congress in 2010 against the background of the tea party wave of 2010. Mulvaney supported the push for the two-and-a-half-week government shutdown over the funding of ObamaCare in 2013. He was against a budget compromise year later, the house Paul Ryan, R written by current speaker of the representatives, Wis., On Capitol Hill, Mulvaney, a long-time slashing state expenditure and the abolition of the debt brake. Mulvaney critic of the Chairman of the “shutdown” caucus bequeathed to him” on Capitol Hill.

Bipartisan Congressional sources signaled that the appointment of Mulvaney could increase the chances of a government shutdown because of his hardline stances on the issues. In Mulvaney, the President is a loyal warrior, and the reward of his fights on Capitol Hill. The President also scored the best of both worlds: Mulvaney at his side in the White house and Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N. C., was as the Chief of Staff position, the rest of the on Capitol Hill, the freedom Caucus.

As a potential shut down an audition for Mulvaney could. “Action” could be removed from Mulvaney title, if Trump likes what he sees.

Meanwhile, things are quiet on Capitol Hill. The house of representatives not to meet again for legislative business until late in the day Wednesday. No Yellies it. Congressional leaders sometimes squeeze rank-and-file members just before the holidays, threatening to keep them in Washington for Christmas, unless you agree to whatever the topic du jour. But the tactics to solve the reduction of the time available, can not be aligned for a deal, the legislature, in this year The President is the goal of the gambit is an effort to force Trump to take-it-or-leave-it, whatever “it” ultimately.

And this is partly why things are so quiet now on Capitol Hill. No one wants to disturb the Yellies. And expect things to remain quiet until mid-week if the government shutdown is only a couple of days.

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