Reporter’s Notebook: Amid Kavanaugh drama, Trump quietly signs bill government shutdown and avert

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Trump says that the government shutdown probably, before the mid-term elections

President Trump had floated the possibility of a government shutdown over the funding for a border wall; response of Henry Rodgers, Capitol Hill reporter for The Daily Caller.

Where was the Flake?

Sprint McConnell’s Office!

How do you have Susan Collins in this Elevator?

The reporters formed a gauntlet down a corridor between the Senate hall and the office suite of Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., early Friday afternoon. Another scrum appeared in the vicinity of the Capitol Rotunda, that some of the GOP senators hunkered tried to escape in McConnell’s office, unnoticed, from a back entrance. Finally, a couple of reporters played “free safety.” It is located all the way over by the entrance of the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan, R-Wis. This was to move a safety valve, as senators, want to really escape the press sometimes like to sneak out of the Senate side of the Capitol by the speaker’s office and escape the pen by the house.

Everyone focused on the future of the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Friday. What led to the deal, Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., developed with McConnell to delay a floor vote on the nomination for a week? What is sen Susan Collins, R-Maine, have you think? Anyone seen Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska?

To another time, another place, the media phalanx outside McConnell’s office may have unfolded, a different reason. Finally, it was the end of September. The government’s financial year begins on 1. October. Most of the drama on Capitol Hill would be surrounded on Friday afternoon at this time of year is undoubtedly, whether or not there is a government would be shutdown.

But something was not right in this September. Or maybe it was the right one. The government would be funded. And nobody in Washington cared much about the government money. All eyes were fixed on the Kavanaugh saga. And while the Reporter loped faced through the hallways on the Capitol and angry protesters Flake in an Elevator, President Trump silent H. R. 6157 signed a piece of legislation to Fund the government.

“I have today signed into law important legislation to rebuild our military, protect our communities and deliver a better future for All Americans,” the President said in a statement.

A few noted.

Shutdown averted.

There was no countdown clocks. No, shuttling back and forth between the White house and the Capitol, Ryan and McConnell. No scramble of house majority whip Steve Scalise, R-La., Rounds Of Votes. No explanations from the house freedom Caucus against the legislation.

It was as if the financing of the government was an afterthought.

Honestly, it’s been years since the Congress and the administrations of the two parties, have navigated and September, Bar any theatrics, the government shutdown.

Trump signed into law what is known on Capitol Hill as a “mini-bus” appropriations bill.

In March, the President reluctantly signed a “omnibus” spending bill, which mixed together all 12 annual spending bills in a solitary, huge package. President Trump threatened briefly to veto the plan, despite support for the package. But he warned congressional leaders that he would not coach to sign a different.

So, house and Senate leaders a series of “mini-buses” to Fund the government for fiscal year 2019, and avoid a shutdown on 1. October.

Leading the Central queue “mini-bus-1.” This plan combines three spending packages in a measure. It addresses the spending for military construction and the Department of Veterans Affairs, Energy & Water, programs, and legislative. Then, the house and Senate synchronized, up to an additional mini-bus, the blended money for the Pentagon and the departments of labor and health and Human Services. These two mini-buses would be five of the 12 appropriations bills for fiscal year 2019. The seven incomplete. Thus, to avoid a shutdown, Congress leaders locked, an interim expenditure plan, known as a “CR” or “Continuing Resolution”, the mini-bus. The CR would renew all the money for the seven remaining spending bills temporarily by 7.December.

Both chambers of Congress overwhelmingly approved both bills, and with little fanfare.

It is remarkable, it was no big confrontation over government funding, in this case, especially after President Trump was permanently shutdown saber about the lack of additional money for his border wall. Hidden in the mini-buses, $1.6 billion, the wall financing. But the President is far from the rating of the mother figures lode of money for the wall. In addition, the house and the Senate still have to tackle the spending measure for the Department of Homeland Security. This will not happen until after the election. Both McConnell and Ryan always said, she thought, to avoid your agreement with Mr Trump would drive stick. You were right, even if the President continue to excoriate Congress for the funding of its boundary wall.

By the signing of the latest mini bus to the fairs, and President of the Trump effectively punted the fight over the wall until after the midterm elections. This is much to the chagrin of the conservatives and the house freedom Caucus. But senior Republicans know that a government shutdown would be disastrous for their party right before the midterm elections. Still, some conservatives argue that a shutdown may, just before the midterm elections a good policy. A dead spot could be the energy of the Republican base, and they benefit from a key election pledge of the President.

But, there is no shutdown.

“The President, no one would have debt, but even if he shut down the government,” said a senior Congressional Republican source.

Several sources noted that the Congress-GOP leaders were smart to fill the two mini-bus bills with the President’s priorities. The first mini-bus and paid programs for veterans. The second mini-bus funded by the military and included a troop increase in salary. In other words, the Republicans on Capitol Hill made it difficult for President Trump a veto by either mini-bus.

So trump will get the full funding for the border wall in December? Or there is a shutdown?

“We’ll have to wait and see what happens,” said White house spokeswoman Sarah Sanders on “Fox News Sunday.” “But the President is committed to ensuring that we build the wall, always the financing. And if I know nothing about Donald Trump, he will eventually get what he is fighting, and the the wall.”

In its Declaration on the application mini-bus, two, the President Trump, as expected, the Democrats in the pillory.

“The social Democrats support border security and drugs and crime to want to have him in our country,” the President said.

The Republicans are still in charge of Congress at 7. December. But for the wall to be mined, since the fight was punted until after the midterm elections.

Something was not right in this September. There is plenty of turmoil on Capitol Hill. But not about a government shutdown.

The fray in December, was able to unfold.

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