Repair dam California may take two weeks

Repair dam California may take two weeks

Photo: AFP

The nearly 190.000 people in the Us state of California have been evacuated due to problems with a large dam, may perhaps only about two weeks back home.

That they have Monday (local time) heard from experts who are involved with the repair of the weir.

The authorities decided to have a large area to evacuate when Sunday was a prolapse in a drain at the 230 meter high dam at Oroville to the north of San Francisco was discovered.

Due to the many rains had the lake at that time very full. The risk for a catastrophic breakthrough seemed Monday something to take off.

Dam California is still not repaired


Although the water discharge preliminary position seems to hold, the evacuatiebevel so of power. “I prefer that people in this area safe and is hopeful to leave,” said the local sheriff. Concrete blocks that the drain had to strengthen, were swept away in the flood. With boulders, it was then attempted to further subsidence to occur.

The Oroville Dam is between 1962 and 1968 was built and is 230 meters high. The reservoir is an important water reservoir for the state of California. The dam also functions as protection against floods.

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Impending rupture of the dam California

More than 180,000 inhabitants in the north of California were Sunday ordered to leave their homes because of an impending rupture of the Oroville Dam.

Residents of Oroville (California) to refuel prior to the evacuation.
© Hollandse Hoogte

The local sheriff during a press conference. He stresses that this is not an exercise.

An aerial view of the situation at the dam.

Two evacuated people are in a evacuatiecentrum in Roseville. In total, almost 200,000 people evacuated from the area.

Experts are engaged in the repair of the waterwerking.

A helicopter brings a bag of stones to the Oroville Dam.

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