Rep Sheila Jackson Lee once with the name ‘vile’ member of Congress

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Controversy about rep Sheila Jackson Lee airline seat

Passenger claims she was bumped from her first-class seat in favor of the Democrat, from Texas; has play race a role? Reaction and analysis from conservative radio host Larry O’connor and democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins.

Years before she was accused of receiving preferential treatment and a passenger seat on a United Airlines flight, rep Sheila Jackson Lee, the “meanest” member of Congress was named.

Jackson Lee, D-Tex., appeared on Washingtonian magazine’s “best and worst of Congress” list in the year 2014. The biennial survey, polls, Congress, employees on what they really think of their Hill bosses.

Won the time, the Texas Congressman “” the title of the “meanest” and “horse”, with their employees, citing the heavy workload and harsh criticism.

I am a Queen, and I want to be treated like a Queen.

Former assistant detailed Lee’s allegedly abrasive behaviour, says the Houston Chronicle would spin in the be performed personal insults and demand menial errands.


A former executive assistant, told the chronicle that Lee stock treated as like kings.

“You don’t understand. I am a Queen, and I want to be treated like a Queen,” Lee allegedly said to be a promoter.

Jean-Marie Simon, left, and rep Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas. (Facebook)

Other ex-employees said Lee called it “stupid” or “idiots.” Some claimed they were forced to do, to wash your Laundry, go on late night food runs, and you hold your handbag for you.

Lee made headlines last week after United Airlines was accused a woman, the first-class seat to the Democratic representatives.

The passenger, Jean-Marie Simon, said in a Facebook post on Dec. 20, the airline “intentionally” deleted your ticket to “place for a member of Congress.”

Lee later suggested that racism may have played a role, the comment in the allegations.

“There is no mistake of me, the way to act as the single rail, after consideration, was because I was an African American woman, Lee wrote, seemingly an easy target, along with the African-American flight attendant, who was very, very nice” on Facebook. Dec. 22.

But the Seating noise was not the only incident, Lee has been on a plane.

According to the chronicle, the Congressman once proposed to on a flight because it does not serve the seafood special she wanted.

“Don’t you know who I am? I’m Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Where is my seafood meal? I know, it was it is ordered,” she allegedly said.

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