Rep. Jordan alleges claims diplomat on quid pro quo: ‘you clear understanding was obviously wrong”

in the vicinityVideoRep. Jim Jordan Questions Amb. To listen William Taylor during the indictment

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, the Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee, presses, Trade, US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor, as he formed his “clear understanding” linkage between the US assistance to Ukraine and a study of the three-piece.

Republicans-Rep. Jim Jordan introduced some of the toughest questioning during on Wednesday to hear the charges, to keep the challenge of Ukraine-Ambassador William Taylor about his claims that he understood President Trump, help and more as he tried to announce to the pressure of the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, a Biden reference probe.

Taylor said he had a “clear” understanding that the publication of aid for Ukraine, Biden was a requirement for investigations of former Vice-President Joe and his son, Hunter, and Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company that counted the younger Biden, as a member of the Board of Directors. Jordan brought up three meetings that Taylor had with Zelensky between the time that the delayed help, and eventually released, and Taylor confirmed that “there was no discussion of the link” during all of them.


“Well, with all due respect, Mr. Ambassador, your clear understanding was obviously wrong,” said Jordan, noting that Zelensky is also never any notice of an investigation prior to trump the release of the aid on Sept. 11, 2019.

Taylor then gave a further explanation of what is based on his “clear understanding”.

“As I said, Mr. Jordan, this came from Ambassador [Gordon] Sondland,” Taylor said, noting that Sondland said to him, he said to Zelensky, “that while no quid pro quo was not, when Mr. Zelensky educate the public, we would be at a stalemate.”

Taylor was referring to how Sondland “told me that it was a mistake, said the Ukrainians, that only the meeting with the President in the Oval Office was kept in order to this investigations. No, it was not only the meeting, there is also the safety was to get help.”

Jordan, who added only recently to the house Intelligence Committee that holds the hearing, pointed to an Addendum to Sondland closed-door testimony in which he discussed how Taylor remembered that he mentioned a connection between the investigation and the publication of aid for Ukraine.

“Ambassador Taylor noted that Mr. Morrison Ambassador Taylor said that I Mr. Morrison, I had sent this message to Mr Yermak on 1. September 2019, in conjunction with the Vice-President Pence visit to Warsaw and a meeting with the President Zelensky,” Jordan read by Sondland statement.

“We have six people with four talks in a sentence, and you just told me, this is where you got your clear understanding,” said Jordan. “And you’re their star witness.”

Trump’s campaign press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany seized on the moment to use it to argue against Taylor’s understanding of social media.


Sondland replied: “I consider myself a star-witness-or-nothing”, and that “my understanding comes only from the people I’ve talked to.”

He explained that the confusing nature of the Sondland was the clarification ” because he said he did not remember,” but Taylor believes that Sondland is the memory as his own.

“The way I read this, he remembers him in the same way I do,” Taylor said.

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