Rep. Jim Jordan announces execution for house speaker

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House Speaker hopeful Jim Jordan: What do you know

A look at what you need to know about Ohio representative Jim Jordan, the legislator, the just-announced his bid for house speaker

Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, a member of the house freedom Caucus, announced Thursday, to mount, he plans a anti-establishment running for speaker of the house-assuming the Republicans retain control of the chamber.

“Should the American people entrust us with the majority again in the 116th Congress, I plan to run for speaker of the house to a real change in the house of representatives,” said Jordan in a statement.

Jordan added: “President Trump has courageously acted on behalf of the American people. The Congress has not kept until the end of the deal, but that we can change. It is time to do what we have said.”

A Jordanian aide said the lawmakers sent a letter to colleagues announcing his campaign.

Jordan has long suggested he is interested in, is a leading offering in the next year. The announcement comes a day after Jordan and other conservative legislators — enveloped the have the Ministry of justice about the handling of Russia’s investigation — introduced the bill of indictment against the Deputy General Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein.

Wisconsin Rep., Paul Ryan, the current speaker, has announced that it will retire at the end of the term; he is also against the Rosenstein indictment effort.

A Jordan offer than a climb. First, the Republicans must continue to have control over the house for him, a chance to. Second, Jordan would Calif probably the competition from House majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R -., House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., and others.

McCarthy, the majority leader, said in a speech to the conservatives on Wednesday that he intends to run.

“I don’t want Nancy to see, to come back as speaker,” McCarthy said at turning point USA, conference, referring to the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. “I want the next speaker from California, but I want it to Nancy. I want it to be me.”

Jordan would probably be the 40-plus voices of the conservative house freedom Caucus. But it is less sure if Jordan could win command of the 218 votes needed, to the speakership on the ground on Jan. 3.

Fox News was told by multiple sources in the last couple of weeks that Jordan could be the candidacy, seen through the lens of a “spoiler” or “king makers.”

Under this thinking, Jordan is likely to command at least 40-plus votes – enough to deprive McCarthy or Scalise is the vote for the speaker on the floor. But, if either of them-or one of the other candidates — questionnaires in the freedom Caucus demands, Jordan, and, therefore, the freedom Caucus, could, then, their support to throw behind the person.

The house freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N. C., among other conservative members of the group, quickly announced their support for Jordan on Thursday.

“He was a two-time national champion [wrestler]…I never knew him to get on the Mat and expect to lose him,” Meadows told reporters.

Jordan is also expected that the support from outside conservative groups, the Tea y, like FreedomWorks, said on Thursday that they plan to spend at least half a million dollars in support of the Jordanian bid.

But Jordan would have difficulty attracting far GOP’s widespread support, because some Republicans don’t appreciate outside of the freedom Caucus, and his guerrilla tactics. Jordan, a three-time All-American wrestler in College, even faces to be in control of what he did, and did not know, 30 years, served over accusations of sexual abuse in Jordan as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State.

Earlier this month, he told Fox News that the allegations are “false.”

“I’ve never seen, never heard, never said, of every kind of abuse,” said Jordan. “We would have dealt with if we knew something happened.”

It comes amid uncertainty about the Republicans hold the house. University of Virginia political science professor Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball” this week said, for the first time this year, the Democrats have the edge in retaking the house.

“Put it together all, and the Democrats now look, how soft the favorites and win a house majority to go with a little more than 100 days,” the Website said.

Also on Wednesday, a Quinnipiac poll said Democrats, Republicans lead by 12 points in a generic house ballot, with the Democrats, 51 percent favored the Republicans to 39 percent.

Fox News’ Mike Emanuel contributed to this report.

Alex Pappas is a political reporter at Follow him on Twitter at @Alex Pappas.

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