Rep. Collins: Müller report “a separation letter’ to the Democrats

in the vicinityVideoRep. Collins: We need the truth about the prejudices that led to Russia probe

Congressman Doug Collins, R-Ga., Democrats still didn’t tell me about the fact that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton for the presidency in 2016, compared to the Müller report-summary to a separation letter for Democrats.

“I think the weekend was a hard time for you, because I think you have lost your first love,” Collins said on “America’s Newsroom” on Wednesday.

“You got a letter to say of Mr. Miller, we want to break, because the agreement was not yet given, because the disability was there. So I think you are now trying to figure out what to do next.”


Collins added, “And sometimes they just go, and you do not want to studies, others, because they are just still not over the fact that in November of 2016 happens, Donald Trump became President, not Hillary Clinton.”

Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee approved legislation introduced by Collins last week unanimously question for details on the obstruction of justice, investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, President Trump.

“Back, let us go and find out exactly where we started. Why we come to this part. And this is something said Bill Barr, to see that he is ready. It is something that our transcripts, we have the release have shown that there was a tendency that it is an agenda that said, mainly to the Ministry of justice and the FBI,” Collins co-presenter Sandra Müller. “This is the truth that the American people need to see. You have to have confidence in the Department of justice.”


Collins said Republicans will address other questions, but want to began to focus on the DOJ and how the two-year study of Müller.

“We have a political agenda. We are still talking about a President who has done great things with the economy, with the deregulation. We want to be.on those things, but we are also going to focus on the truth of what happened to the DOJ,” Collins said

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