Rep., Betty price, wife of former HHS Secretary, Tom Price, has proposed the quarantine of HIV patients

Georgia Rep. Betty-price (center), the wife of the former HHS S of Tom Price, allegedly proposed the idea of a quarantine for HIV patients in the state.

(AP Photo/Andres Harnik)

The wife of the former Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price, who is proposed to Georgia, a state representative, according to reports, the isolation of people living with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Georgia State Rep. Betty price, a Republican physician, proposed the idea of a study Committee this week, ask colleagues whether such a step would be possible, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Committee on access to health care in the state, discuss, allegedly, on the growth of HIV diagnoses in the Region and the different treatment levels-citizens were able to obtain.


Price said she did not know, “do you want to say that the quarantine of the word,” but the question of the feasibility of such a move, the AJC reported.

“There is a possibility, I would suspect that the U.S. public spent Dollar, strong in the prophylaxis and treatment of this condition?”, she asked. “So we have a public interest in halting the spread. What would you recommend or are there methods that we could legally do that, reduce the spread?”

The representatives of the husband, Tom Price, who until recently served as the HHS Secretary to President Trump the Cabinet. He joined on Sept. 29, after which widespread criticism over his use of private planes paid for with taxpayers ‘ money.

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