René van der Jibe has guilt over death of girlfriend

René van der Jibe has guilt over death of girlfriend

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René van der Jibe cherishes the feeling of guilt that he has for his girlfriend Danielle. His girlfriend (47) died in march of a stomach bleeding. Van der Jibe says that her environment is always a lot of its “used”.

“She was just too good in each other. They had all over itself. Of course I have a sense of guilt. All people say now to me: that feeling of guilt must wear. But I hope that the feeling goes away,” says Van der Jibe Saturday in de Volkskrant. “I think it’s actually quite pleasant, yes. I have to cherish.”

According to the 55-year-old former footballer, there was much surprise when Danielle passed away suddenly. “When Daan was just carried away, saying to everyone:” How is it possible.’ Her mother, the children, friends. Then I said, ” I do not have the idea that you have any awareness of what was going on here. We are partly to blame someone at the age of 47 is carried away.”

“We have tremendously hard on the accelerator pedal is stepped on to its maximum extent. It is someone who we as much as possible have tried to take advantage of. This is the final result.”


A few months after the death of his girlfriend died also his mother. “My mother is six years long insane scared to death to go. She phoned me at ten o’clock in the evening: ‘you come?’ (..) They just wanted to not that I left. And dear, the nice thing is that my mother refused structurally all the other help.”

Meanwhile, the Soccer Insider commenter, care for Daniëlles son Nicky. Tuesday will see a new book about Van der Jibe, The World according to Jibe.

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