“Relaxed brain makes for the best night’s sleep’

“Relaxed brain makes for the best night’s sleep’

About half of all people sometimes have problems with sleep. By all incentives, many find it difficult to sleep to summarize. Relaxation is important for good sleep, experts.

“The most important thing for good sleep is a relaxed mind. Often we are at the end of the day fretting. These negative thoughts make sure that we are not able to relax”, says Ton Coenen, author of the book ” the Sleeping Brain and emeritus professor at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. “For example, this has a lot more influence than the light in the bedroom or the temperature in the room.”

“People see more and more in the importance of a good night’s sleep. It is important for the health and well-being of people. The society has become more complex, our thoughts go faster, we look at a lot of on our phone and other electrical devices and there are a lot of programs didn’t show on television. By all these incentives, our thoughts spinning in our heads.”


50 percent of all people experience sometimes a bad night’s sleep. “You don’t need the bed get in and think: that is again nothing last night,” says dr. Reinier de Groot, pulmonologist-somnoloog of the Dutch Sleep Institute. “It is important to learn how you can better relax and how you rest can search. Stick to a sleepless night is also not unnecessary in bed, but make a round through the house and drink some.”

“Sleep should be no trouble. If you don’t sleep can grasp, then do not count how many hours of sleep you can have. So it is better if you have no alarm clock next to your bed, because then you see how late it is. Put your phone away. Try to read, or a different way of relaxation.”

For those of you who start to worry, Lidewy Hendriks, psychologist at MIND and Korrelatie, good advice. “Put a pen and notebook next to your bed and write down your thoughts from you. You can find solutions for the problem where you fret, then you’ll unconsciously try to remember. And that also allows you to wake up.”

“It can also help in serious and worry yourself even to speak”, says Coenen. “‘Stop that thought’ is a cry that, according to the gedachtenstopmethode several times to yourself have to say. This does not work immediately, but you can train yourself to worrying to stop.”


According to The Large frequency of interest for a good quality of sleep. “Try two hours before you go to sleep to relax. Do in that time, not more sports and do not drink coffee or alcohol and do not smoke. Also stay behind the laptop or iPad away. The blue light gives the impression of daylight, what you awake again.”

It can also help to make the evening a light snack to eat, says Coenen. “So is someone not wake up from the pull.” He recommends a snack with protein. “Proteins stimulate the regenerative capacity of the cells in a person’s deep sleep. These are so-called casein proteins. These are, among others, in milk.”

Hendriks says that it is also important to sleep in a clean and tidy room. “The room must be ventilated and not too cold or warm. It is also important to minimize the stimuli in the room. Clutter or stray stuff do you recall the things you have in daily life are concerned. How to be more calm in your look, the less chance that you will be distracted. You need to you can shut down everyday life.”

“Make your bedroom recognizable as a place to sleep,” said The Major. “So use your bed as a place to live, to eat or to watch tv.”


Also during the day you can all do things or let you sleep in the night influence, says Hendriks. “It is not good to have during the day to work hard, and around bedtime, suddenly, in the quiescent mode. Try during the day, stops to grab, and enough break to take. Do some relaxation exercises and ensures that these become part of your routine.”

According to Coenen, it is not a good idea to sleep after a restless night. “Therefore becomes the natural rhythm in the war. Genetically speaking, this will not fit in our rhythm. On the other hand is a small short nap in the afternoon actually very well. By between thirty minutes and an hour sleep comes the energy levels. When you get to long sleep, the longer it takes for you alert. Moreover, it can ensure that you are in the evening more difficult to sleep.”

Hendriks says that you feel indicates whether you at night, indeed, enough sleep. “If you are equipped, you will do things more efficiently, and get you more for each other than when you are not. With less sleep, you’re irritable, incentives harder. Do you want your sleep pattern to change, try, for example, once a week, every night before going to bed or no more coffee to drink before bedtime.”


Insomnia can also be caused by a serious event. This is secondary insomnia called. “For example, by the death of a loved one we are sad and we can start worrying”, says Coenen.

“Often, I advise people in such a period to sleep on this level. Because when someone actually for a longer period of time can not sleep through this grief, it can be a primary insomnia. Therefore, I recommend people often for only a short period of use sleeping pills to use, and then back soon sleeping not addicted to the drug.”

“Sleeping pills work briefly, but they are also addictive. As soon as you can regularly use hits a body become accustomed to it. Than the body the medication reduction, so you still need more,” says Coenen.

Use sleeping pills in accordance with The Large or less fast. “You fall faster into sleep, but it does not help with the sleeping through the night. However, there is medication in development that is a natural sleep promotes.”

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