Relationship with Britt Dekker, is almost lost due to the clutter in your home

The relationship between Britt Dekker, and her boyfriend, Max, is six years old, but it had a few moments where it almost was. The couple have wedding plans, but we need to Dekker, or what to do. Which tells the story of the show on Monday, Where a is the Mole?.

At the beginning of their career, received the Netherlands also like to think that they are stupid, it would have been. “That’s a thought, everyone, but I have lived in my own little world. I just have very little general knowledge. In the meantime, I have the tv network app on my phone, you know.”

The relationship was about to explode due to the clutter in your home

Decker now has a six-year relationship with her boyfriend, Max. “He was the editor-in-chief at one of my programs. We fell in love with, and that’s never changed.”

Despite this, the relationship is already a couple of times to jump. “Just because he didn’t take the clutter in the house as he could. He is a super neat and tidy, and I don’t know. If I have more than one piece to do, and we have mice and he is totally in love. And I think it’s fun with cute little animals.”

“Then I’ll go ahead and clean up. He has said that we are going to get married when I was six weeks on up. I have been in three years now, and it does not work. So, I really need to go to continue,” said Decker.

Mr. Dekker has been in conversation with Johnny de Mol candid about an eating disorder she suffered. “I now have it under control, but there was a time when I looked at the Sylvies of the world. These look so good and perfect.”

“And then I looked at my own picture, and I thought that I was too fat and needed to lose weight. Then you’re going to a little food, even less food, and nothing to eat. That was going in the wrong direction. Then I ate an apple and maybe a pear a day.”

The show was-in her own words, a little voice in her head, and said, “you’re fat, you’re fat”. “Well, then you saw it as a challenge to use as little as possible to eat. And if that’s successful, you’ll get a kick out of it. As in: you could have done it. But it didn’t work out well. I didn’t have the energy anymore, and it was not fun. For example, a bitterballetje, I am a lot happier. So, now that I combine it: in the morning, an apple and a pear, and in the evening with a big bowl of French fries.”

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