‘Relationship between consuming energy drink and later drug use among young adults’

‘Relationship between consuming energy drink and later drug use among young adults’

Young adults who are regular energy drink consuming, seem to be more likely to have later in their life and cocaine use.

That write researchers from the University of Maryland School of Public Health in the magazine Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

For the study were 1,099 to young adults in the age group of 21 to 25 year for five years followed. Persons who during a long period of time regularly a energy drink to names, had more chance of cocaine use at the time that they are 25 years old.

Also they used at that age, more drugs without medical reason and they were at 25 years of age have a higher risk of alcoholism.

“These results suggest that users of energy drinks has an increased risk of abuse of other, in particular stimulating resources,” says researcher Amelia Arria.

More research

It is not clear how a higher intake of energy drinks can lead to the use of drugs, but the researchers insist, however, on more research, but also because of energy drinks in the United States are not regulated by regulator FDA.

New research would include a need to focus on younger people, Arria. “We know that they also have regular energy drinks to eat.”

Doctors are already for a longer time care for energy drinks because of the large amount of caffeine that they often contain. Caffeine can raise blood pressure. Too much can lead to (possibly fatal) heart problems.

The netherlands Nutrition centre advises young people aged between 13 and 18 years, a maximum of one energy drink per day.

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