Regime Syria retakes village of Soran in Aleppo

Regime Syria retakes village of Soran in Aleppo

Photo: AFP

The Syrian army has, with the help of allies, the group Islamic State driven out of the village of Soran east of Aleppo.

Soran is located sixteen kilometers southwest of the place of al-Bab, which opponents of president Bashar al-Assad, with the support of the Turkish army IS trying to capture.

Turkey already supports longer opponents of Assad. But it continued its fighter aircraft, tanks and special forces since last summer, mainly in to terrorists IS to keep away from its border and to prevent Kurdish groups in their areas to the border together could forge.

After rebels of the controlled part of Aleppo, in december, had to give up have Turkey and pro-Regime ally Russia a cease-fire is established. About the expansion thereof will take place on Monday in Kazakhstan is further spoken.

The Turkish viepremier Mehmet Şimşek said last week that it is no longer realistic to insist that a solution to the conflict in Syria is found without Assad.

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