Regain your youthful skin with Pixel & Er:YAG 2940 technology!

Why look back on glory days when you can easily extend them. If you have started showing early signs of ageing such as age spots, wrinkles and fine lines and of course, loose, sagging skin, all hope is not lost. While you skin has aged significantly, there are certain ways by which you can regain your youthful looks and appeal. Here is the solution to your problem.

The Pixel & Er:YAG 2940 is here to help you out of the situation. This latest laser therapy can help you to get back your youthful skin and you are sure to be awed by the clearly visible results. And the best part of it is it will not take much of your time.

Use Pixel & Er:YAG 2940 Technology For a Youthful and Glowing Skin!
Forget the days when you had to be worried about those dreadful aging signs. The latest revolution in the field of laser technology has brought an innovative solution to the problem of aging skin. This technology is surely going to give you vibrant and younger looking skin.

The therapy helps in stimulation of newer cells in the skin that replaces the old dead cells giving a youthful appearance to the skin. As a part of the aging process, the rate of regeneration of new skin cells tends to slow down compared to the degeneration of old cells. This leads to accumulation of dead cells over the skin, giving it dull and lusterless appearance. Pixel & Er:YAG 2940 technology can help in this situation by enhancing the regeneration of skin cells that replaces the degenerated cells faster; thus helping the patients to get rid of the dull and lusterless skin.

The instrument used in the therapy has preprogrammed laser rays that pass through a patented pixel micro-optics lens and then penetrate into the skin. This helps in creating a thermal channel in the pixel area without causing any harm to the surrounding region. These channels, also called micro-injuries, begin the process of rapid healing; whereas the untreated surfaces act as a reservoir for assisting rapid restoration. As a result of this, there is collagen remodeling under the skin that makes the skin tighten and improves its firmness and texture. So, at the end of the treatment, the patients can enjoy a taut and firm skin, making the person look much younger than his or her actual age. This therapy can be safely used for effective fractional ablative resurfacing of skin.

The process is very gentle and does not cause any harm to even the delicate areas of the skin like chest, hands and neck. Any skin surface can be safely treated with the help of this technology. The patients do not have to worry about contracting infections as the procedure is completely non-invasive. The procedure does not require much time and there is no need of any anesthesia in the procedure.

Apart from this, the instrument has a handpiece that has 3 different tips, which can be used for ablation or fractional ablation. The three different tips provided in the instrument are 1 X 7 fractional rolling, 4 mm Erbium and 7 X 7 tips for fractional stamping. The tip suitable for each patient can be decided based on the condition of the skin.

After the treatment the patient can see the difference in the skin immediately. The skin becomes tighter and firmer after the therapy, giving it a smoother texture. The therapy can be done quickly without any downtime. Also, it does not need the use of any analgesic injections. The procedure is entirely painless and does not produce any side effects or discomfort to the patients. Also, there is no discoloration of the skin after the treatment.

Pixel & Er:YAG 2940 provides safe and harmless treatment for photo-damaged or aged skin without the use of numbing gels or injections. The therapy gives a double advantage of proven effectiveness of ablative therapy as well as convenience and comfort of non-ablative therapy. It also prevents the side effects that are commonly found in ablative therapies, like postoperative infections, hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentaion of skin, erythema and swelling of skin. The scope of the therapy is much wider compared to that of traditionally used ablative technology. As the re-epithelization of the skin occurs rapidly with this treatment, the chances of infection are eliminated. The other applications of this therapy include laser peeling, fine lines and Rtytids.

 Why do Patients Prefer this Therapy over Others?
The treatment offers numerous advantages to the patients. It gives excellent results for skin tightening and can create wonders when it comes to skin. The patients can observe an improvement in the skin immediately after the treatment. It helps patients to regain their youthful skin. The numerous advantages of this therapy are discussed below:
The therapy is totally harmless and does not produce any side effects.
The procedure is very gentle and mild and does not cause any harm even to the delicate skin surfaces; hence, it can be safely used for any skin part.
It does not involve the use of local or general anesthesia.
It is a non-invasive procedure. This completely eliminates the chances of infection and any systemic side effects.
No disposables are required for the procedure
It provides excellent results quickly without any downtime.
The patients can resume the daily activities immediately after the therapy.
The therapy itself is not time consuming.
The treatment can be used for patients of any skin type. It works well even for people with tanned skin.
It can be used for males as well as females.

Due to all the above mentioned benefits provided by Pixel & Er:YAG 2940 technology, it has become the most popular therapy used by patients for getting back the youthful appearance of their skin.

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