Refugees in Iraq: ‘the Lack of prospects for the future, is a major concern

In October of last year, fell to Turkey’s border with Syria, in. In this force were five hundred people were killed. The acts of violence have also caused a significant increase of Syrian refugees in Iraq are facing. Annemieke Ruggenberg, from Save the Children visited one of these sites. “The people living in the camp, and would have no hope of a better future.”

The Turkish army invaded the north-east of Syria, to combat against the Kurdish militia forces that are the border check. Turkey sees Syrian-Kurdish militias, as terrorists, and are an extension of the Kurdish PKK. Turkey and the PKK have been three decades has been at odds with one another.

In addition, it wanted to provide the Turkish government with an estimated 3.2 million Syrian refugees in Turkey to return home to the Syrian territory. In the case that, ultimately, was some five hundred deaths. It was, in particular, to the death toll of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Kurdish YPG militia-led coalition.

47Turkije attacked a Kurdish militia with air raids and artillery fire

More than 19,000 people have fled from Syria to Iraq as of October

The use of violence in the north-East of Syria, will be the increase of Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq. According to the latest figures from the UNHCR, have been in place since October 14, 2019, more than 19,000 refugees in the Iraqi-Syrian border crossing. Each week, there are still about three-hundred people in.

Ruggenberg, which for a human rights organisation, Save The Children is working in Iraq, says that there are only two camps are: Bardarasch and Gawilan. Bardarasch, it is the largest camp, home to more than 17,000 people. Both camps, according to Ruggenberg is already full.

“The lack of prospects for the future, is the main concern of the parents

Despite the fact that the refugee lives in the camps as good and evil, and if it is going to try to address Ruggenberg, with my own eyes how serious the situation is. “In particular, the lack of prospects for the future, it is very, very painful. The people living in the camp, and would have no hope of a better future. It is not clear where all of the people in the camps, and, eventually, move in.”

According to the Ruggenberg, it is the lack of the perspective that parents are most concerned about when it comes to their children. “Most of the parents who are in the army, arrived and started the school for their children. They would like nothing better than to have their children educated, as they would at home.”

It is also a major problem in the Middle East, according to the Ruggenberg, the lack of specialist child psychologists. “The children often have to cope with the trauma of their flight. And since there are, for example, in Iraq, but the lack of specialist child psychologists who also have the cultural context to know they can make their themes difficult to handle.”

Despite the fact that the situation in Syria is far from good, it is Ruggenberg fact that most of the Syrian refugees are also now more likely to come back into the house. “As much as some people may feel that it is even remotely safe to let them back in. They can choose from an unsafe situation in Syria over a lifetime in a refugee camp, without a vision for the future.”

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