‘Referendum on independence of Scotland still an option’

‘Referendum on independence of Scotland still an option’

Photo: AFP

Scotland continues to threaten a new referendum on independence. Such a vote must be an option to “stay” when Scotland, with a Brexit from the European common market is likely to be forced.

The Scottish prime minister Nicola Sturgeon said Tuesday during a speech in London.

Sturgeon wants clarity of of the new British government. “It would help to know more about the thinking of the government. Everyone would benefit from clarity,” says Sturgeon.

Sturgeon leads the Scottish National y. They came out in 2014 to power after her partijgenoot Alex Salmond to hold a referendum on independence had lost.

At the brexit referendum was a Sturgeon, one of the leaders of the remain-camp. The majority of Scots wanted to within the EU, the English and Welsh wanted to understand the majority of the union.

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