Referendum on ‘aftapwet’ step closer by ten thousand signatures

Referendum on ‘aftapwet’ step closer by ten thousand signatures

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Activists have more than ten thousand signatures collected for a consultative referendum on the ‘aftapwet’, that intelligence services more powers to monitor internet traffic to collect.

That has the group of students behind the “Sleepwet’-citizens ‘ initiative on Twitter published. In a second phase, within six weeks of 300,000 signatures are being collected to actually have a referendum to enforce.

The validity of the first 10,000 signatures must still be verified by the electoral council. If the council indeed conclude that the signatures are valid, then, according to a spokesperson for the second time since the introduction of the referendumwet that the limit of 10,000 signatures is reached.

Only Geenpeil knew with his action for a referendum about the Ukraine treaty, which border to pick up. The organization collected eventually, more than 300,000 signatures, so there is indeed a referendum on the issue was. Although a majority of the voters voting against the treaty agreed, was eventually adopted with minor modifications.


The Sleepwet-petition was created by a group of “concerned students from Amsterdam”, including the 20-year-old master’s student Tijn de Vos. He says to worry about breaches of privacy by the law, and the lack of public discussion about this.

In the new Law on the intelligence and security services, such as the aftapwet is formally called, is regulated, for instance, that the AIVD and the MIVD large-scale internet traffic may collect, for example, to terrorists, to detect. This ‘sleepnetbevoegdheid’ according to privacyvoorvechters too far, because also data of innocent citizens can be collected and stored.

The law was passed with a large majority by the Second and First Chamber even after hearings where experts have their concerns about the law statements. Under more scientists and companies from the technology sector are concerned about the commitment of the aftapbevoegdheden, but according to the government, there are sufficient safeguards to prevent abuse.

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The Fox says that the collection campaign up until now “a lot better than expected”. The group of students should be preparing now for much greater action to meet the 300,000 signatures to come.

“I’ll be honest: last week, someone asked this before. In 24 hours someone has built a web site and we started. So we have a bit of organizing and see who wants to help us,” he says.

Under more privacyorganisatie Bits of Freedom says the action support. “We find it very cool to see that, with such a citizens’ initiative within a week so many signatures are collected,” says spokesman David Korteweg. “We find it very important that the public debate there is.”

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