Reduced taste makes people sweeter to eat

Those who are less good fresh food can taste, tends to be sweeter to eat. That can cause overweight and obesity lead.

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There has long been a suspicion that there is a correlation between reduced taste and obesity. A study conducted at Cornell university (USA) has that connection now also confirmed. People with a diminished taste opt for sweeter, high-calorie food, saw the researchers.


“Our smaaksysteem can be an important link to understanding how obesity develops’

“We have seen that the stronger the sensitivity to sweetness reduced, the more sugar the people in their eating wanted,” says lead author Robin Dando in the journal Appetite.

Ideal sweetness

In his research stunned he temporarily zoetreceptoren on the tongue of the test subjects by giving them tea with Gymnema Sylvestre, a natural herb, to drink. Then he invited them to drinks with different suikerconcentraties drink. The subjects were the ideal sweetness determination.

Who the zoetreceptoren numb, layers the ideal suikerconcentraties higher than the other subjects. When a subject is 20 percent less sweet could taste it, wanted in a soft drink of half a litre an extra teaspoon of sugar.

“Our smaaksysteem can be an important link to understanding how obesity develops’, decision Dando. “With that in mind, there must be taken into account that a disturbance of the taste plays a role.’

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