‘Redistribution of licences provides for the bankruptcy of shipping companies in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is on Monday, the licences are for large boats of more than two meters, again, are divided. The outcome of the draw it has, however, also have important implications for existing companies that is certain to be a failure.

The Amsterdam was equipped with the re-allocation of the market is formally open for new entrants.

With the re-allocation of licences, for the period 2020-2030 following is responsible for the alderman Udo Kock (such as water) to a decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union. That it had previously decided that the capital city has no license for an indefinite period of time may be issued.

It also works with the city to provide cleaner, electric boats, and have a better control of the vaarverkeer in the city.


There are a total of 135 permits will be divided into two categories, 75 for the regular tour and the sixties, for high-profile vessels.

One-third of the ingelote vessels of new shipping companies. Kock has been happy with the results. According to him, the remains of a number of classic boats will be retained, such as the Dutch national team in 1988, going through the canals is a risk.


“A massacre,” says Frans Heijn, the president of the United Shipowners of Amsterdam, of which 36 are of the smaller operators are to be connected. He expects a lot of companies may be exiting.

Also, Company t Smidtje responding reports will now be notified of the boats there will not be included. “This could be one of us, bankruptcy is able to do,” said owner, By the o’leary’s.


Rederij Kooij, who is himself quite critical of uitliet about the new policy, it is relieved. “As it stands, the twelve boats with which we have entered is retained,” says a spokesman. “We worry, however, that we will have the rest of our fleet was to get rid of it but it could have been much worse. I have two fussy owners spoken to.”

Each year, nearly 4 million people in the use of the canals in Amsterdam, the netherlands. There are about 11,000 per day.

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