Reddingsschip the Sea Watch cruise in spite of the prohibition in Italian waters

Reddingsschip a Sea-Watch of 3, it is in spite of a ban Wednesday afternoon in Italian territorial waters are entered, reports the spokesperson With a crew of 42 migrants, who, according to the organisation, is urgently in need of help.

The ship’s course in the direction of Lampedusa, so as to let Sea Watch know. The Italian coast guard could this have been informed and been informed of the urgency of the situation, and the “emergency landing of a man”.

The people on the boat two weeks ago and saved it for the Libyan coast. She tried, in vain, with a trip to the Mediterranean coast to cross the. of it is already on board to achieved for medical reasons, however, Italy refused to accept the rest of it to land.

The Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, let social media know that Italy is ready to embrace it.

He saw before in the same conflict that led to the country again at the call of the Sea-Watch will have a 3 to use. It’s going to be a German relief agency, which is under the Dutch flag. The Italian government has for some time been a right-populist, and in the attitude of Italy towards refugees has hardened.

Italy and the Netherlands, have been squabbling over the Sea-Watch, 3. Thus, it threatened to Italy on a diplomatic conflict with the ship in the Rotterdam case as well. The netherlands is, however, not to be responsible for the reddingsschip.

The Sea Watch has established itself as a target for refugees out to sea to rescue and safe delivery. Rome would see this as a form of trafficking in human beings.


Debate over migrantenschip do not have to go to the Netherlands

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