‘Red wine and smoking can bloedvatschade prevent’

‘Red wine and smoking can bloedvatschade prevent’

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Drinking one or more glasses of red wine prior to smoking a cigarette can bloedvatschade prevent. These are the people who have the occasional cigarette and light up.

This writes The Daily Mail on the basis of research done by The American Journal of Medicine. The researchers examined the effects on various biochemical processes in the blood of twenty healthy non-smokers, for the investigation of three cigarettes smoked.

Half of the respondents drank an hour before smoking, red wine, until the alcohol level in the blood to 0.75 percent. For the drinking and smoking were blood and urine collected. This was done to eighteen hours after the drinking and smoking.

By smoking and damage is caused in cells. The researchers found those who drank had no changes in the cells. In addition, smoking affects the activity of telomerase in the cells, called enzymes, among other proteins. Smoking without drinking red wine showed a decrease of 56 percent of telomorase see, compared to 20 percent in non-drinkers.


Cigarette smoke causes damage to the endothelium, the inner lining of the artery wall, inflammation, and cellular aging. Red wine can the endothelium in coronary arteries improve.

The research was done among young, healthy non-smokers. The researchers say that there is no judgment can be made about the elderly, the sick, or chronic smokers. Nevertheless, they say that this study might mean for future research to bloedvatschade in people.

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