Red Flames turn off after narrow defeat against the Netherlands

The Belgian national vrouwenvoetbalploeg has not been able to post for the quarter-finals at the european CHAMPIONSHIP women’s football in the Netherlands. The Red Flames from coach Ives Serneels lost Monday night on the slotspeeldag in group A in Tilburg, the netherlands 1-2 (rest: 0-1) of the host country.


The atmosphere was already good at in the sold-out King Willem II stadium. The Red Flames were solid, the match started, but were still for the fifteen minutes out of their rhythm achieved when the heads of Maud Coutereels and Anouk Dekker at the duel hard with each other came into contact. The game was a few minutes silence, after which both players with a connection to the head yet. A moment later, was the same Coutereels on the basis of the Dutch goal: after bad uitverdedigen of aanvoerster Aline Zeler worked Coutereels the in Belgium born Jackie Greens against the turf. Gelegenheidsaanvoerster Sherida Pointed it missed the dot and the Netherlands was 0-1 for. In the meantime, it was in NorwayDenmark since a while 0-1 and were the Flames so all of the virtual turned off.

After the opening goal, so the balance was again restored, without the Belgians, however, hazardous, could be. Tessa Wullaert could get her stamp not print, Janice Cayman was in the tang and the uitverdedigen was to be impure. In addition, there on the left too much space given away, so Shanice van de Sanden, each could threaten. For the rest, so there was already a small miracle is needed in order to obtain the ports of the quarter-finals open to beech.

With Davinia Vanmechelen in the team for Coutereels there was more attacking impetus and in the openingskwartier of the second half was Wullaert and Cayman each other anyway, the first move of the aanvalster of Wolfsburg was by Cayman about the goal kicked. It proved to be an omen, because a minute later, ended up a cross/dropbal of Wullaert right into the goal: 1-1 and all of a sudden, everything was still possible. In addition to demolition, there is also some panic in the Dutch ranks, because at a Belgian victory and threatened the shutdown for the host country. It was so shivering in Tilburg and the Belgian aanvalsregisters were open. But it was a word of warning though for the counter and the first tegenprik was a moment later, all mercilessly culled by Lieke Martens, had already the purchase of FC Barcelona is also some luck is needed: through the leg of Heleen Jaques went for the leather over Justien Odeurs. 1-2 and the kiss of death for the Flames on this european CHAMPIONSHIP, all came in the castle, however, still opportunities for Wullaert and the sunken Yana Daniëls.

With three on the ninth end with the Red Flames on the third place in the group. The netherlands, with the maximum of the points, and Denmark (six points) punches through to the quarter finals, which is Saturday, to be played. The Danes won Monday night in their final race in the group with 0-1 of Norway, that puntenloos on the last place finisher.

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