‘Red Devils need against England to play to win, that is the essence of sport’

Every Monday looks Jacques Sys, editor-in-chief of Sport/Voetbalmagazine, back on the past sportweekend. This week he is talking about the euphoria around the Red Devils, the match against England and the new Belgian champion cycling Yves Lampaert.


After the 5-2 against Tunisia, the euphoria around our Red Devils again raised. We may be a part of it or remain any reservations yet?

JACQUES SYS: We must be optimistic, that is something else than euphoric. It strikes me, however, on how also in foreign countries enthusiastic about our Red Devils is spoken. The English press was lyrical. We have to credit won and are now really in the favorites counted.

The Red Devils have especially shown what is possible when they as a team play. Especially against a team that gives. This group has more maturity than that of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS two years ago, which also wervelde against Hungary and then to go against Wales. Hazard that De Bruyne just to the side sends, such as at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, I can see that will not happen again. This group corrects each other and work for each other, which is excellent, led by Roberto Martínez. There was much skepticism at his appointment – from England came not only positive sounds now – but he makes this world cup a good turn. He let the players in their value and turns out to be the ideal mate.

There is no complaints to hear, that is quite unique. Also when Hazard in the rest of Panama Lukaku the lesson spelled, continued to find anything to hang, on the contrary: the group covered that incident straight away. After the match against Tunisia stressed Martínez that this group is together to a goal. That word ‘together’ is very important and actually also new. Hence, we are optimistic.


“You can feel free to Batshuayi bring in place of Lukaku. Some of the players what opportunities award the team spirit only.’

On the other hand, this world cup yet to really start for Belgium. Panama and Tunisia are among the weaker participants in this tournament. It was clever what Belgium showed against them – nice actions, a strong performance from our attackers Hazard, Lukaku and Mertens – but on the other hand, once again, the defensive vulnerability. You will collect two goals against but Tunisia. That depends, of course, for a piece, together with the system. Will that stand up against top performers? That we must always see, that may already be against England or Colombia.

The last poulematch against England is a prestigeslag, because both teams are already sure of the next round. What would you do: full-on for the victory to go with our strongest team, or already in function, eighth finals reasoning?

JACQUES SYS: That discussion will now be three days predominate and that I find unfortunate. You should always play to win. That your players rest with ailments such camps, or players with a yellow card protects, it seems to me logical, that will England do, but the essence of the sport is that you get a match and start to win. That essence definitely not rape.

Thinking about who we better meet in the eighth-finals or itineraries: I think that’s honestly bullshit. This team is now in a good flow, you can’t break through. A defeat against England could be a sour taste to it. You must be convinced of your qualities and not to reason in function of possible opponents.

You can feel free to Batshuayi bring in place of Lukaku. Some of the players what opportunities award the team spirit only benefit. But I don’t think he has Vermaelen and Kompany will drafting. I ask me, for that matter, what he will do if they are both fit for the eighth-finals. You can only use once, otherwise you have Alderweireld or Vertonghen sacrifices. Or customize your system. That he will not do. I doubt so, or both defenders are still in action will come. Boyata did well not bad so far, he didn’t fall through the basket.

Yves Lampaert crowned in Binche to the new Belgian champion cycling. A deserved and beautiful winner?

JACQUES SYS: A very nice winner. Lampaert is someone who quietly grows, he is riding his third year as a pro, often in the service of the team, very modest. A typical West-Flemish farmer’s son who knows what hard work is. He has the quality to about his pain threshold. On the BK, he was the best man in the race, and he played it smart by being the first to put in a group with team mates Stuyven and Gilbert.

“I have, as the first attacked, because that is usually the price lose’, claimed Lampaert afterwards, but it was really clear: the one who first attacks wins. I also not that Stuyven the victory be awarded to Lampaert, which is highly appreciated in the peloton.

What are the possibilities of Lampaert? It is not a boy who, besides his shoes will walk, but he will certainly be more in his ability to believe. His status within the team will change by this victory, though he will not be the leader. He is 27 years of age, in principle, his best years now. He certainly has possibilities in the ééndagskoersen, I consider him ever a classic to win. Not for nothing, he won two times already Across Flanders.’

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