Red Devils count in world cup opener after the break, with weak Panama

The Red Devils have Monday night in the Fisht stadium in Sochi their opening match in group G of the world cup in Russia with 3-0 and won rookie of Panama.


Dries Mertens (47.) and Romelu Lukaku (69. and 75) resulted in after the break for the goals.

Where the for the rest so rough, ran to the finish – despite a vast amount of opportunities there was a when not scored-, it was after the kampwissel at the first opportunity immediately touch. Mertens put the Belgians with a delicious bang at the edge (1-0). At the world cup four years ago, scored Mertens also already in the opening match when he delivered the Devils ten minutes for affluiten a 1-2 victory against Algeria.

Panama had now from his egelstelling come, and so came back up a little more space. Kevin De Bruyne made grateful use of and managed outside the right, Romelu Lukaku in the sixteen to find. The Belgian topschutter of all time was the headline in the 2-0 within and took it also the last doubts away.

A quarter of an hour for affluiten was Lukaku the street sent in and signed the striker for his second of the night (3-0), the topschutterstitel on this world cup could be a target for Big Rom.

The score also had higher can increase, this Panama has the world cup not much to look for. The Red Devils return Monday night after the race, immediately back to the base in Dedovsk, where Tuesday the preparation starts on the second groepsduel of Saturday in Moscow against Tunisia.

On the slotspeeldag in the group waits on the 28th of June in Kaliningrad, the clash with England. In the other duel of the openingsspeeldag in this group are England and Tunisia Monday night still opposite each other.

Dries Mertens: ‘It was difficult’

Dries Mertens found the world cup opener against Panama, who the Devils after three goals in the second half with a 3-0 win, a tough game was. ‘You start to a world cup with a long build-up. Then the match finally got there and then everyone expects a lot, ” says the creator of the 1-0. “You have so much meaning to walk, but it is exactly or the legs do not want to go. You can see it with every team in the first match. I hope the second goes better.’

Belgium hits his second party of Tunisia (23/06). Quit doing it in group G against England (28/06).

Kevin De Bruyne: ‘How to be a wins the match is not important’

Kevin De Bruyne gave a good feeling about the victory against Panama (3-0) Monday. In Sochi was the star player is good for a beautiful assist on the second goal.

Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku the 2-0 on delicious manner to solve the problems, reacted in his usual sober manner. “I have a positive feeling after the game. It was a difficult first half in which we have a few important opportunities left. It was as a result of the opponent’s energy, and they came in the race. We had expected that they, with eleven men behind the ball they would play. We knew that we calm had to continue to take the game to our hand. A match lasts a long time.’

That the Panamanians the Belgium not easily have was made for the midfielder as no surprise. “Everyone comes to the world cup to try anything. They are going to us not to just let them do it. After the 1-0 we got a bit more space. Nevertheless, we have defended some of the errors made. But every match is difficult and different. The first match of a world cup is the most difficult. Everyone wants to show. But there will always be new difficulties. It is up to us to solve. It doesn’t matter which way that happens. How a wins the match is not important, it doesn’t necessarily have to be beautiful.’

Coach Martinez: ‘Do good for team spirit to see’

After the victory against Panama (3-0) was the national coach Roberto Martinez full of praise for the Red Devils. The coach praised his players for the way they can against a highly organized opponent, the match still managed to bend.

‘Your first world CHAMPIONSHIP race win is always a special moment. Panama was very strong, organised and disciplined, but that we had expected. In the second half we came through it thanks to Dries Mertens, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne, ” said the Spaniard after the match.

Martinez also saw a strong team spirit in his players. ‘It was good to have such a strong team spirit in the players. A world cup is the first match is always difficult. Our defense played strong and took his responsibility. Now we need to look to the next game (next Saturday against Tunisia, ed.). The fact that the other favourites in their first match have let know would certainly not say that we are to be world champion.’

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