Red Cross warns of a tourist, for a high risk of dengue fever in South-east Asia

The Red Cross has warned against the rapid increase in the number of infections with the denguevirus in South-east Asia. According to the health organization, the risk of dengue is particularly strong in the Philippines.

According to the Red Cross, and the number of infections with the denguevirus in the country this year, with an 85 per cent increase compared to the previous year. There are now 417 people with the infection have died.

Also, in countries such as Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Vietnam, the number of infections has increased.

Dengue fever, also known as often referred to, can be caused by any of the sting of the tijgermug. Symptoms from the infection are high fever with chills, headache, and nausea.

According to the Red Cross to heavy monsoon rains, could be an important explanation for the increase in the number of infections. According to a spokesman for the health organization has been due to the rain and more standing water. “This is an area where the mosquitoes are located.”

The hospitals are full. Thus, also in this hospital and in the Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. (Photo: Reuters)

Hospitals will be able to patiëntenstroom not

The Red Cross has reported that hospitals in the South-east Asia as the flow of patients with symptoms are not able to cope. “An example would be a hospital in the Philippines, where it is really only space for 25 patients. At present, there are 250,” said a spokesman.

The Red Cross encourages holiday makers to be especially well protected with a mosquito repellent with plenty of DEET. The tijgermug puts out mostly during the day. Also, it is recommended to be under a mosquito net to sleep in.


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