Red Cross fears for outbreak diarrhea in disaster area in Indonesia

An outbreak of diarrhoea, is lurking in the tsunami affected areas in Indonesia, let the Red Cross Monday to know. The workers fear an outbreak, because the sewers are broken and there is a lack of clean drinking water.

In short

  • 117 volunteers of the Indonesian Red Cross to reach affected areas
  • First priority is to search for survivors and provide medical care
  • Affected regions “reasonably” accessible

The circumstances referred to in combination with high temperatures and the number of people suddenly on the street, can lead to dangerous situations. Nearly twelve thousand residents were displaced.

“Diarrhea may sound harmless, but if you have no medical tools have to be better, it can actually be dangerous,” says a spokesperson of the organisation.

To an outbreak of diarrhea to be prevented, the Red Cross has a total of fourteen watertrucks with clean drinking water to the area sent. Also, the aid organization for blankets, toiletries and, for example, diapers.

In the affected areas found in a total of 117 volunteers, according to the Red Cross, “a lot of debris and havoc”, and especially “a lot of people in shock by what has happened”.

The first priority is according to a spokesperson of the organisation “the search for survivors and providing first aid”. There are 2 helicopters and 22 ambulances were deployed to the wounded to the hospitals to carry.

Affected areas accessible for emergency responders

Although many roads are damaged as a result of the tsunami, would emergency responders have access to affected areas, Pandeglang and Banten. This is according to the spokesman, other than following the earthquake and tsunami on Sulawesi earlier this year, where the “days before relief workers to the affected regions could reach”.

At the same time, practitioners also in this disaster, not all of the areas, the spokesman said. “Colleagues are now working to the full extent of the disaster.”


Aerial shots show devastation after tsunami in Indonesia

Death toll has risen to 373

The death toll in Indonesia as a result of the tsunami in the area around the Straits of Sunda has risen to 373. In addition, the number of wounded is now up to well over a thousand injuries. At least 128 people are reported missing, to confirm the Indonesian authorities.

Pandeglang, in the westernmost part of the island of Java, is one of the hardest-hit regions. There were more than 200 people dead and were 755 others injured. In the area of South Lampung on Sumatra, the tsunami sixty lives.

The tsunami came Saturday night to land on the islands of Java and Sumatra and damaged hundreds of houses, hotels and boats. Thousands of inhabitants of the islands have on higher area of a safe refuge is sought.

According to scientists and the Indonesian meteorological institute is the devastating tidal wave caused by a landslide. That would again be caused by an eruption of the volcano Anak Krakatau, in the Strait of Sunda is. A large part of the volcano collapsed. Another half an hour later reached the tsunami hit the coastline.


Images show volcanic eruption that led to a deadly tsunami in Indonesia

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