‘Red card for Kali shows usefulness of videoscheidsrechter’


‘Red card for Kali shows usefulness of videoscheidsrechter’

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Arbitrator Danny Makkelie was glad that he was Wednesday night in the bekerduel Ajax-Willem II (5-0) by the help of videoscheidsrechter Pol van Boekel (the netherlands) Anouar Kali no yellow, but a red card could show.

Makkelie gave Kali after playing for an hour in the Arena in the first instance, yellow for an infringement on Lasse Schöne, but on the advice Of Boekel had the midfielder for Willem II a few seconds later with a red of the field.

“This shows the absolute value of the videoscheidsrechter, because otherwise I after must say that I am a red card was missed,” said Makkelie after the end of the game against the KNVB.

“In this case was the red card given the outcome is not crucial, but imagine that there are competitions where it is the determining factor, then it is particularly pleasant that the videoscheidsrechter can help you.”

Ajax-Willem II was worldwide the first match in an official competition at the highest level where there live was tested with the use of the videoscheidsrechter. In march of this year decided the FIFA to give permission for this new tool.

Video: Samenvatting Ajax-Willem II


Van Boekel was this Wednesday night in a videowagen in the Arena, where he could use different screens with repetitions.

Immediately after the transgression of Kali, he contacted Makkelie. “I had the feeling that the proper offense was,” said Van Boekel. “So I ‘m re-watching in slow motion, from different angles, and after a few seconds I thought: this is a red card.”

“It is special that you, as a videoscheidsrechter the arbitrator can help. It is not that I am cheering because a player in my opinion, a red card has been given, but it shows the utility of a videoscheidsrechter.”

Willem II coach Erwin of Tanning had no problems with the intervention of Van Boekel. “I think the red card was justified, because we have the videoscheidsrechter. So that’s good,” suggested the Tanning at FOX Sports.

“I had just not expected, because the referee assessed the violation in the first instance, as yellow. It seemed like a bit of a rash tackle, and according to me, there was also very little real purpose. But Makkelie was from the crawlers to be corrected and then the red.”


Van Boekel had only the red card for Kali direct influence on the match. However, he went to a few other situations still in discussion with Makkelie, for example, in the 1-0 Ajax.

Defender Heiko Westermann of the Locals stood in buitenspelpositie at the shot of Riechedly Bazoer, but the arbitrators, the goal is ultimately good.

“We have a discussion whether it is offside or not”, says Van Boekel. “But if there is debate, that is all that it is not black-and-white is and remains the decision of the referee, in this case a goal.”

Both arbitrators were very pleased with the first real test. “This was a good day,” said Van Boekel. “We were in advance convinced of this project and I’m sure the future will show that this is an added value.”

At the cup match between Feyenoord and FC Oss Thursday will also be of use in the videoscheidsrechter. Van Boekel is on the field and Makkelie is in the crawlers.

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