Recreational marijuana rules rile pot-friendly San Francisco

The famous pro-cannabis San Francisco, where the 4/20 marijuana holiday is celebrated with a group (smoke-out) on Hippie Hill, is a surprisingly difficult time of the establishment of the rules for the legal pot market to California in January.

When writing the local rules in the weed-friendly city has taken a controversial turn as a critic, many of them elderly Chinese immigrants, the use against marijuana, to restrict, can be sold in the pot.

Divided San Francisco supervisors are scheduled to take up the issue at a Board meeting on Tuesday, where you can vote on a stopgap, that the sale of recreational cannabis through the existing medical marijuana sales on Jan. To allow 1, like you, to find out where new shops.

The ability to overly strict regulations. companies serious concerns about the access and some San Franciscans wonder what happened to the counter-culture, anti-prohibition, the city you know and love The smell of cannabis smoke, is not uncommon in certain neighbourhoods and parks.

“Let’s be honest: Cannabis is now legal and the sky has not yet fallen. Much of the information that has been given to the people, is completely wrong,” said Supervisor Jeff Sheehy, who uses medical marijuana to mitigate the pain of older HIV drugs.

He and others are calling for the holding of recreational retail pot stores 600 feet (183 meters) away from schools, which is comparable with the radius of the required Shops that sell alcohol or tobacco. Medical marijuana dispensaries are required to have at least 1,000 feet (305 meters) away from schools and recreation centers that primarily minors.

But some Chinese-American organizations have pushed back, and a complete ban on the retail stores in the San Francisco call’s Chinatown. You want the future retail stores to be located at least 1,500 feet (460 m) of schools, daycare centers and to collect any other place minors. The Supervisory authorities consider that a 1000-foot (305-meter) buffer, the cannabis advocates say that is too restrictive, for a city as compact as San Francisco.

Ellen Lee, a family, a social worker of the non-profit San Francisco Community Empowerment Center, has helped the leadership of the protests, said most of the people using cannabis are against the REC-the elderly and speak little to no English. She said, children are impressionable and must be protected from a drug that remains after the Federal law is illegal, and she is frustrated by elected officials.

“We have to meet with them and talk with them,” she said, “but they do not hear.”

Chinese-Americans are an integral part of San Francisco history and they will take political power in a city where a third of the approximately 850,000 inhabitants of the Asian and Chinese-Americans are the largest Asian sub-group. The mayor is Chinese-American, as well as the other elected officials in the city.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin said Monday he will allow a remnant of fairs, to sell 46 existing medical marijuana facilities to adults, while the board needs more time to draw up zoning regulations. He said that would allow people to buy a lot of places to get cannabis Jan,. 1.

Peskin, who represents the Chinatown district, said he expects the Board to come up with a resolution that satisfies the majority of people in the diverse city.

“We are not just the legislators. We are a group of therapists for 850,000 people and understanding what their concerns are, whether we agree or not, and it is responsive, respect is very important in the legislation,” he said.

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