Recovery enrollments in higher education after abolish basic grant

Recovery enrollments in higher education after abolish basic grant

The number of registrations of first-year students at universities of applied sciences and the universities is still not at the level of the elimination of the basic grant, but is still in the elevator.

This is evident from Monday, the figures presented.

According to the ministry of Education in the academic year 2016/2017, there was an increase of the number of enrolments of 5 percent.

Minister Jet Bussemaker, responsible for the implementation of a loan system for students, is also satisfied. “I think the good news is that this recovery is now occurring; earlier and stronger than expected,” she states.

According to her, the level of the number of registrations is around the level of 2012, the year that the abolition of the basic grant announced.

As a result, the number of registrations in 2013 and 2014, because students feudalism for wild. In 2015 was therefore a strong decrease of the number of registrations.


Despite the rise, Thom de Graaf, chairman of the dome of colleges Association of Colleges, is not satisfied.

“The growth is unfortunately still behind the steep contraction of last year,” said The Count. “In particular, the disappointing direct flow as well as the continuing fall of the VWO inflow seem to be the cause of it.”


According to the association of universities VSNU and the ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the total inflow of advance a much lower estimated growth of 0.1 percent. Universities receive later money for the full growth and these should be attested itself to bridge.

“The colleges are proud of so many of the students may lead,” says VSNU chairman Karl Ditttrich. “But to give them all a good education, to provide the funding, this increase will follow.”


In the current academic year, the number of international students that the university is registered with the 5700 has increased to approximately 42.300. This is 16 percent of the university’s students are international.

The number of diplomas (bachelor and master) that universities last academic year, have issued has remained about the same, the figure for the NETHERLANDS. It went to over 35,000 bachelor’s degrees (minus 1.4 percent) and nearly 42.000 master’s degree programs (plus 2.1 percent).

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