Records Of the Ship after the first win, ” Are not a wizard like Harry Potter

John van ‘t schip is proud to announce its first victory as the head coach of the Greece. Against Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was the Tuesday night 2-1, and that was in the national news media to compliment the front of the field.

The Greeks believe that at the end of July, representative Of the Ship for a breath of fresh air to the team, even though it was the start of his labours, and it is an EK ticket is now out of line of sight.

“If I’m a wizard like Harry Potter, you know If only that were true. I have to manage my team with a compliment. Not only are the players in the field were to be found, but in the whole of the selection process for this competition to work,” said Van ‘t schip is on the Greek tv.

The team went out on Saturday with a 2-0 down in Italy, but in the way that has led to the satisfaction of the Greeks. On Tuesday it followed, therefore, that the victory over Bosnia-herzegovina.

“We are from Bosnia and a lot of pressure to the front, and that’s exactly what we do, our players have asked for. Hopefully, we can continue on the same line in the next races.”

Vangelis Pavlidis was his first goal for Italy. (Photo: Reuters)

Pavlidis happy with the first interlandgoal

The openingsdoelpunt at the same way it came in the name of William II, there was Vangelis Pavlidis. The twenty-year-old midfielder played his third international game, and was the first to be spot-on in that country.

“It’s great that I have achieved. It is up to each and every Greek’s dream to be in the national team to play for, and the team will be looking for a win has helped,” says Pavlidis, which is, as Van ‘t schip was pleased with the play of the game.

“We wanted to do no matter what it takes to win, because that’s what we need to rely on. We have been in both games, well done, that we have been able to show what we are worth.”

After eight games, Greece is in the euro cup, qualification, the number of five in group J. There is a uitduel with Armenia (15 november) and at home against Finland (november 18).

Look at the scores, the standings, and the program will be in the european CHAMPIONSHIPS-qualification

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