Recording in our own studio didn’t work for Di-rect

Recording in our own studio didn’t work for Di-rect

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Recording music in a studio, does not work for Di-rect. The new EP of the the Hague band is, therefore, now from a different studio. “Here, we could go to the other side of the glass,” says Di-rect against

The EP, Fired Up, the most recent work of Di-rect, is largely inspired by James Brown and soulcovers from the repertoire of the band. Di-rect took the EP in a studio in Amsterdam. The previous album ‘Daydreams in a Blackout’ (2014) was still in the studio, recorded.

“I had several hats on, I was also behind the mixing desk,” explains bassist Bas van Wageningen. “Then sneak things in that you do not provide. That you parties afraffelt because you are occupied with other things are for example.”


“We were kind of a football team without a coach. That you should not want to, that does not work.” Through the brother of Wageningen came Di-rect contact with the studio in Amsterdam. “Here we were able to walk to the other side of the glass and a strap. So I could me a lot more focus on my own bass.”

“This time we have chosen to be in a short time new work in an energetic way,” adds guitarist Frans ‘Spike’ van Zoest. “If we have our own coach would be, we took too much time and everyone had his magnifying glass on the ideas.”

“Even after sixteen years it is still exciting what people say”, says Spike. “But the reactions are great, people are surprised.”

Own studio does not work for Di-rect

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