Record number of civilian casualties due to violence in Afghanistan in 2016

Record number of civilian casualties due to violence in Afghanistan in 2016

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The number of victims by violence in Afghanistan last year reached a record 11.418, reports the UN Monday. That is an increase of 3 percent compared to the year before. 3.498 citizens came to life and 7.920 people were injured.

The growing number of attacks by Islamic State (IS), an increase of air strikes and a growing number of deaths among children are the main causes for the increase. Many civilians were also injured by unexploded oorlogsmunitie.

There were especially more kindslachtoffers. 923 children came to life and 2.489 were injured, most by found explosives. That is an increase of 24 percent compared to 2015.

“The places where citizens safe should be changed in battlefields with suicide attacks in mosques, targeted attacks on regional cores, markets and residential areas, and the use of schools and hospitals for military purposes”, according to a UN spokesperson in a comment on the figures.

Taliban, and IS

According to the UN, 61 percent of the civilian casualties caused by the parties that the Afghan government combat, such as the Taliban and IS.

The UN close at least 4.953 dead and wounded to the Taliban, but in 2016, the number of victims, according to the researchers, tenfold. That terrorist group often makes members of the shiite minority to target.

IS was previously barely active in Afghanistan, but would last year have been liable for 899 victims.

Air strikes

The Afghan security forces caused approximately 20 percent of the civilian casualties. Pro-regeringsmilities and international forces were each responsible for about 2 percent of the victims.

The UN says that the Afghan government, in particular, many victims of heavy weapons in populated areas.

In addition, the Afghan air force, more and more devices and intensied the United States, the air campaign against IS and the Taliban. That caused an increase in the number of victims of air raids with 99 percent compared to 2015, the number of which since 2009 has not occurred

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