Recollections of André Hazes: “He’s ordered a limo for me

It is Monday, it is exactly fifteen years old, André Hazes, 53 years of age, passed away. The eccentric singer makes it possible not only to numerous kroeghits, but also a remarkable life, which is a substance that offers for a whole lot of stories and anecdotes. Among others, Frans Bauer, Gerard Joling, sharing their fondest memories of the Cockpit with a

Singer Dries Roelvink, was an employee of the Cockpit and knew him personally.

“I’ve got it around 1997, André asked if it was possible for me to have a nice Dutch version of the text was trying to make in the song-That Wonderful Sound-Tom Jones. A few days later, we were talking in a cafe in his home town Centre, at around 11 in the morning. Andre asked: “do you Want a beer?’ We went to have a talk, and we listened together to the song by Tom Jones, and there were even more beers.”

“At one time, I saw Andre Hazessen, but I had to go back to the airport. Andre didn’t want to, that I was going to drive and he would call his regular driver. A moment later, a white stretch limousine to pick her up. “You need to be with my friend and He go to Amsterdam,” said Andre. My wife didn’t know what was happening to her as she is to me, the point of saw. It was a world turned upside-down, because usually it was André, the person who doorzakte. The lyrics of the song is, of course, never came to be.”

The singer and actor Martijn Fischer played for the André Hazes is in the movie, the Blood, sweat, and tears, and performed in the musical ” He believes in me. Soon, the Fischer theatre, in a show where he hits it out of the Cockpit of his audience to hear.

“I’ve never met, but I do remember, however, that he was a guest at the Villa Felderhof. During his interview with Rik Felderhof had heard he was in the background, which is a fine thing, where it is visible by the upset was on. He said, ” That fucking owl, I’ll have time for the mieter.’ To which Rick says, ” the Owls? But isn’t that a fine thing? Andre listened for a moment, and then said: “Well, well, well, it’s a fine thing. I would like to pay every month for 25 guilders, and to the protection of nature, but this is not necessary?'”

“Andre has an incredible sense of humor and I like to think that he, in the course of the years, through it has been towed, even with the stress that came along to the concert. His sense of humor, and relativeringsvermogen were the main weapons for him in his life.”

Darryl Fisher, in his role as andré Hazes in the musical, He that believeth in me, along with Rachel in the Cockpit. (Foto: BrunoPress).

Also the lead singer Frans Bauer is experienced in the Cockpit out of the box.

“When one is really young, in French, I was in my early years, this may be the opening act for Andre Hazes do. He was a very special singer. There was no one there, including myself, that the music could be better performed-than he is. That is, of course, also because of the scratching at his soul, but I, fortunately, always best to do it now.

“I have fond memories of the professionals I have been privileged to witness. It happened a little magical, like he was at the front of the stage. The music is great. Who are the songs he plays, it’s always going to be a September number, will remain, and the top of their lungs sang out.”

André Hazes-fifteen years ago

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Singer, Samantha Steenwijk, made by The voice of Holland audition with September song and many more editions in the line-up for Holland sings Hazes.

“I’m André, never met, or even seen it, but it was not a great deal. Is my dating relationship at the time, had bought tickets for his concert in the Amsterdam ArenA, but in the three weeks prior to the show and went on with our relationship.”

“September play, nevertheless, a common thread in my career, despite the fact that he didn’t know it, lol. I have also participated in the talent show, Blood, Sweat, and Tears (to search for a singer, eds.) where I have Andre Hazes junior-and Roxeanne met auditeerde in 2017, in The voice of Holland, with September song, I’m living my own life. To do this, I was approved asked for it to Andre, and Roxeanne, and I wanted to be however to take their blessing. Who were they, and when the audition was aired and I got a sweet appje.”


To view the pre-Live Tech, in The Voice of Holland

Singer Gerard Joling had in the Cockpit out of the box, and was with him in his last concert in Ahoy.

“I love to take pictures with him, working in the country. We were on the same label, and are often in the same program. He was very happy and we are too terrible, and laughed together. After his death, I have the song Stay with me was released, in which we can work together to be heard. That is, in retrospect, and also my greatest hit now.”

“I’ve also been asked to sing at his funeral at the Amsterdam ArenA, but I didn’t. Recently I tried to make a song in honour of the late Pim Fortuyn (At your service, ed.). and as soon as I got the whole world on my back. Later on, I regret it, because you’re doing something like this for Andre, of course, not available to the public.”

“He was one of the greatest Dutch croon singers we’ve ever had, as a young boy, I used to go out to gigs, and I sing, his music is still there. It is up to the end of the age, a good programme.”


Check out the video of Gerard Joling en André Hazes – Blijf bij me (2007)

Frans Duijts began his career as an andré Hazes imitator.

“I met André, sometimes in concerts, but had never spoken with him. To make a show of him in the Van der Valk hotel Tiel in the netherlands, my former brother-in-law made sure that I have to go on stage for a few songs and could sing. After that, I got to the back and to call if I’m even in Andre’s dressing room. It was a scary time. I’m the one nervous for him… but I didn’t come from me.”

“It is my great hero, this man is my singing career. And the interview went by and my nerves is not completely flawless, but for me it was a confirmation that it will be a real human being. Now, seventeen years later, I’m working with is a big part of the team that was, at the time, with him to work. That is a very, very special for him, because he is a living legend, and after his death and much, much more.” it has also approached the Cockpit’s children, André and Roxeanne. “She’s going to have her own way in the comments” is the response of the Roxeanne Hazes management. The management of the Hazes has not been answered.

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