Recipe: Indian-linzencurry with only five ingredients

Cooking doesn’t have to be that complicated. With five ingredients and place in an instant, something on the table. In you can read each and every week, how do you have such an easy recipe to prepare. This week, the Indian linzencurry with rice and beans.

  • Preparation time: 25 minutes
  • Type of meal: dinner
  • Seasonal product: green beans
  • Number of persons: 4

This linzencurry is in addition to tasteful, also very nutritious. Red lentils are full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, fiber and plant-based proteins. Due to high protein content, they are an excellent meat substitute.

There are a lot of vegetables, which combine well with the Indian linzencurry. For this dish we’re going to green beans. Once the beans are much firmer than they are now. You could even have a special snijbonensnijder need to make them in bits and pieces to get to. Today, green beans are a lot softer, and you can make them easily with a sharp knife into small pieces.

The five ingredients of Indian linzencurry

  • 500 grams of green beans
  • 300 g of whole grain basmati rice
  • 200 g red lentils
  • 1 tuinkruidenbouillonblokje
  • The 2.5 tsp of curry madras
  • The five ingredients of Indian linzencurry with rice and beans. (Photo: Andrea Tegel)

    This is how you make the dish is ready

  • Cook the rice according to the directions on the package.
  • Heat a non-stick fry pan and roast the currymadraskruiden briefly, until they begin to smell. Then add 600 ml of boiling water and add to the bouillonblokje to. Add the lentils and stir well. Put the lid on the pan, and cook the lentils in about 20 minutes on low heat until done. Stir occasionally, and add an extra tablespoon of water if it becomes too dry.
  • Wash the beans and cut them into bite-size pieces. Cook for 4 minutes until just tender in hot water, or leave it to the last 5 minutes of meekoken in the linzencurry.
  • Serve as a linzencurry, and green beans in with the rice.
  • Enjoy your meal!

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