Recensieoverzicht Wild: ‘Joaquin Phoenix is phenomenal!”

The Joker, in the film, by Todd Phillips, the famous arch-nemesis of Batman, is running from Thursday, in movie theaters. What’s the opinion of many reviewers of the film, featuring Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role? A summary of the main review.

The NRC is 4 stars

“Who is the Phoenix work like this in the arthousefilms, in which he was usually to be seen, it is not really going to be surprised about the radical portrayal in the Joker. (…) That he is the main character of the film what it is, is an understatement. It raises the question as to whether Joker is actually a great movie, or was it in the first place, it is a vehicle for a great roll and performance? A really good film, would be the Phoenix’ performance be more likely to be part of the whole.”

“The Joker is definitely not a film to be truly in love. This is Phillips’ approach is to be pushy and aggressive to be a little varied in the tone. The Joker is more of a movie to see because of the boldness of the creators to make the music so resolutely on the side of the pan and into the deep darkness, to dig in to. It is a film that you would like to have and what you want to say. But it is not a film that you have to have a second time to go and see it.”

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The local newspaper – does not star

“The Phoenix has, however, been entrusted to a getormenteerd character’s shape. He plays the obsessive-compulsive neurosis is painfully convincing, in which the state of course to pass on something to the coughing up of a hairball for cats, it seems. The portrayal of Arthur Flecks of suffering, it is the Phoenix of the scenario more than once.”

“The Joker is not without any obligation, and that entertainment should not be permitted. Phillips makes a few concessions to the Fact of men, with the links at the awkward age of the superhero, but at the core, this is a very unsettling insight into the cut-up head, an outcast who is back to teach them.”

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Marriage is 4 stars

“Joaquin Phoenix, it must be said, is phenomenal as a solitary, Arthur Fleck, who have been living with each other, scratching himself as a clown to renting it out. Phoenix carries the film almost single-handedly, with a body that is so thin that his bones can be counted. In a diet of an apple a day, fell more than 20 pounds occasionally, and, as a result of a man who is not only physically, but also mentally as a starving man to impress.”

“You don’t know or have uncontrollable laughter out of his clowsnact, or a more serious condition to hear it. Perhaps it conceals the smile in his pain. The fact is that Gotham City is in the beginning of the eighties, a cruel, miserable, divided society where weapons are freely available in today’s society, and the mental health industry is a must. It is a world in which Arthur, as fall is coming, and there is a wild card, shooting, and dancing in the clownskostuum. Joaquin Phoenix will soon be the light of a tai-chi practitioner, and a tapdanser, moving from the top of a concrete flight of stairs.”

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