Recensieoverzicht US: ‘Horror film with a social agenda’

After his movie debut, Get Out, is a director Jordan Peele are back with a new horror movie. In the Us, from march 21st to see it in the cinemas, get an American family visit their evil look-alikes. What do the critics of the movie, with Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong’o in the lead role? put the responses on a row.
NRC – no stars

“Peele is still a filmmaker with a social agenda. Us is a film that has something to say about the injustice and inequality in the world. Who in any degree has in the western world always lives with the knowledge that there are also millions of other people, who do not share in the happiness. In the daily life succeeds the middle class there is usually great in order that knowledge to suppress. But in Us is the social conscience of the middle-class ghosts. The stragglers get horribly their grams.”

“Lupita Nyong’o is more than outstanding in her challenging role, in her role as the anxious mother and in her monstrous incarnation as ‘Red’. To opponent across from an actress of that format to stay afloat, is not an easy task. Peele took a risk by Winston Duke to choose her husband, in his first starring role. He appears as an actor, unfortunately a bit too small for Nyong’o, though he has perhaps less grateful role.”

AD – four stars

“The confrontation between the two families provides a series of blood-curdling scenes, which is rare in recent horror films have been on show. Fortunately, there is also lighting in the Us. Especially the father of the family is there with his dry remarks responsible for that. Just as with Get-Out invites Us to discuss and interpret the content. It is a film that is not released quickly, and keeps getting better upon closer inspection.”

The Volkskrant – no stars

“You have a critical point to make, then, is the genre film in general and horror film in particular, there is a excellent vehicle for. Peele knows that like no other: in the Get Out he used a feeling of concern, one after the other homerun to store in the field of the infinite amount of irritations and severe frustrations of everyday racism.”

“In interviews, about Us wild Peele there not to thick about it and he told him that he this time not so much to a message, but also: it does not take long before you realised that the movie is actually a parable. You call your movie, of course not for nothing Us, ‘us’, or even: US, United States. That has any pretension of universal validity. It seems more likely that Peele the viewing experience ahead of time, not wanted to ruin by the viewers in advance of with all kinds of meaning to saddle. of the enjoyment is also that you yourself a little bit to the puzzle.”


Lupita Nyong’o made children scared on the set of horror Us

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