Recensieoverzicht: ‘Toy Story 4 is expensive animated film, with a lot of depth,’

In the fourth installment of the “Toy Story” was released. How do the Dutch critics as the animated film? A summary of the main review.
The NRC is 5 stars

“Old friends are doing, play a secondary role; the heroes of Toy Story 4,” the lost toys ” section of the theme park. The perfectly designed characters such as Duke, Caboom, a faalangstige motorstuntman from Canada and the duo, Bunny, and Ducky, two of the very kermisknuffels have to deal with a vivid imagination. Woody is in love, a shepherdess, Bo Peep. It was without affection, was sold and is now a happy, self-sufficient survivor.”

“A project like this would probably not advertise it, but will it last? section about life after the kids or even the geloofsafval, a sense of meaning in a onttoverde the world. Pretty big words for a perfect day and at times hilarious film of the escape, to chase, goes. The magic of the studio for a project like this is that it’s in such a silly context for such contemplation lends itself to that.”

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The local newspaper – does not star

The “Toy Story” movies, have been using nachtmerriescenario’s gestoeid, and it happens again. The antique shop is in the domain of a typical meisjespop with a defective harness. Her name is Gabby Gabby, and it would be in a horror movie does not look out of place; Annabelle has to be the top dog.”

“A project like this one is looking so it will still push the limits, but the creators take care of children has been traumatized to the house and send it in. On the basis of the ever-lovable Woody, we learn that the alleged wasters as a Forky and, Gabby, what is love, and in need of support, and the fact that it has a right to their own path. It’s amazing that the creators at Pixar still manage to make a delightful animated film for all ages, so many layers and depth to the room.

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The AD – 5 stars

“With all of the important dolls seem to have a bit of feeling out of place in Toy Story 4, but, of course, there is also plenty of humor, action, and a more or less good results.”

“Re-harvest the Pixar/Disney is full of admiration for the ingenuity, that is, in this follow-up movie has been stopped. The quality of the animation is of extremely high quality. Especially in the night, which is a big part of the film takes place, is a lot of details concerned, they are a feast for the eyes. In addition, the story has a lot of emotional layers, which is unprecedented for an animated feature film.”

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