Recensieoverzicht: the New Case is a ‘love letter to old Hollywood

Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, the new film by Quentin Tarantino, it runs from Thursday in Dutch cinemas. Critics have praised his work on the 160-minute-long film, which is set in the Hollywood of the nineteen-sixties.
For the Moment, no stars

“In the summer of 1969, Hollywood, and the world is rocked by a series of unprecedented brutal murders. One of the most famous victims was the pregnant actress Sharon Tate and her husband Roman Polanski in a villa in Beverly Hills, also rented. Tarantino’s film is about the friendship between his fictional neighbor, Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt man, a chauffeur-cum-caretaker, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), but the director of the film, look too frequently over the garden fence to get a glimpse into the life of the london eye (Margot Robbie) have to give you.”

“Tarantino’s use of the distinction between climbers and descenders in a world of tinsel to be an attractive, loving and humorous portrait of the behind-the-scenes of Hollywood film, which was a significant change in the other texts.”

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in the Volkskrant of 5 stars

“Tarantino’s lost in his usual manner, the details of the dalton brothers career of a fictional film, to the beautifully drawn movie posters for Talk titles are as Operazine Dyn-O-Mite! and Kill Me Quick, the beatles ‘ music, Said the Gringo. The film-maker, bursting with love, that silly acteursbestaan. Stunt man the Booth (Likely in his charmantst) is one of the old-fashioned male hero. Actor, Talk spéélt like the type, but it is a lingering alcoholic, full of self-pity. DiCaprio plays the great; exactly enough kolderiek.”

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The NRC is 4 stars

“Even by the standards of the Case that contains a Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, a true blast from the over each other, tumbling popculturele references to tv shows, songs and movies from his childhood. The fetishistic attention to who he was, as always, pays to the hair, the trousers, worn-out moccasins, and sixtiesinterieurs is a functionality that is far beyond this, but the loving attention to detail, is friendly and welcoming.”

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Marriage is 4 stars

“The movie put Tarantino in the course of his hand, and he was, like, aware of the history. In order for the film to be spoilen, you can be there at the end but will let you in on it, but the story is that he conjures up, will take your breath away and moves you at a deep level.”

“Jackie Brown it was twenty years ago, it is already a well-established Case. Would you be able to tell you about a Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood. Even despite the existence on the part of the hard working people behind the scenes in Hollywood, and will is opposed to the evil-minded. The film is a love letter to old Hollywood, but at the same time, an ‘in memoriam’.”

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