Recensieoverzicht: the Musical, Hello, Dolly! ‘sometimes dumb’

Despite the voice problems in the main character, Simone Kleinsma, who were threatened with a spanner in the works thing, saw the complete version of the musical Hello, Dolly! on Sunday, his first time. The reviews have been positive about the game, Kleinsma, but critical to the story, and the old-fashioned nature of the show.
de Volkskrant, 3-star

“In the uk version of the show approaching, Simone Kleinsma played the role of Dolly is more modest, and more like that was meant to be: handsome, played, and well sung and danced. Well, Paul de Leeuw as the Horcus is already a lot of over-the-top.”

“It is good to add on to what old-fashioned, Hello, Dolly! it is. There’s a lot of farcical comedy, winkelbediendes who are in the closet, hide under the table, scuba diving. Jan Rot, produced a typically inventive translation, but the archaic words such as “stoethaspels’, ‘festive wear’ and ‘tabee’ does he have a spoon on top of it, some of the old-fashioned sense of respect.”

For the full review in the newspaper, you can read it here.

The AD is 3 stars

“IsHello, Dolly! in the game, the dance and the singing of Simone Kleinsma’s also a great tv show? No, no! This is the story – procuress turn over a couple of detours for a rich man to hook far too much, and even dumb.”

“The all-time low of a bespottelijke at a meeting of the whole group in a hat shop. Just when you think, ” oh, no, not in a closet or under a table to hide, happens to be exactly what you fear. After the break, there is a similar hysterical physical in a restaurant.”

“This is also another in style acting, Freek Bartels, is a clerk in the store of Tried to be in that frantic atmosphere and be carried away. Unfortunately for Paul, the Lion is not very good in his role as a grumpy and greedy to become a millionaire. The game continues to be unsatisfactory and hang between the comical and the serious.”

For the full review of the full AD can be found here.

Theaterkrant – give no stars

“The director, Glenn Casale, managed to dose the game, the grandeur, the best of the best to call out without due to the strike. It is only with the constant jengelende girl Geraldien it is missing, which is, perhaps, the comic relief would have had to have been, where it is determined, annoyed.”

“The script by Michael Stewart, has already lost a lot of ground, but at least it is for the production of everything from the shelves. Hello, Dolly! it plays a lot on feelings of nostalgia: towards the turn of the century in which the story is set, as well as in the glory days of the Broadwaymusical. In all aspects – style, performance, music, and story approach, this production of Hello, Dolly! it is a classic type of musical comedy stand-up comedy in the fifties and sixties.”

For the full review in the Theaterkrant can be found here.

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