Recensieoverzicht: The Lion King is, without a doubt, hit in 2019′

Following the recent remakes of the Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, this week, a new version of the Disney classic “The Lion King”. What is the Dutch film critics? A summary of the main review.
The NRC is 4 stars

“A story that was raw enough to make kindertranen to create, even though humor is the real attraction of “The Lion King”. The voice cast will remain mostly the over-the-topdialogen of the program is public favorites, meerkat Timon (Billy Eichner) and warthog Pumbaa (Seth Rogen), you’re in. There is nothing wrong with the addition of Donald Glover, and Beyonce as well as the older Simba and his love interest, Nala, though their contribution sometimes sounds like a voice-over. This is an unwanted side-effect of the minimal mouth movements, this true-to-life look of the lions.”

“The selection of Disney content is very close to the original, and to continue to feel safe for the old fans will not be bruised – but it is wise, in view of the half-hearted efforts of the other classics, such as Dumbo or Aladdin with the spirit of the times to bring them into line. If you don’t feel things are really down, for example, in The Lion King and the content is realistic and the females of the leeuwentroep to take stress then it is, indeed, the traditional shakespeareaanse the fairy tale that it used to be. But it is a fairy tale that is visually a perfect match in 2019.”

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The-Lion-King-actors, had scripts to throw away

de Volkskrant, 3-star

“Unlike in the previous drawn and humanized animals, the likes of Disney, the facial expression still be ok flick of the eyebrows, lips, and jaws. Watch the wildlife there is amazing, and it’s The Lion King pulls out all of the great spektakelscènes, with a skulking hyena and the trotting team of gnus. However, as soon as it is spoken, it creates a gap between photorealism and dierendialoog.”

“Some of these animals have been blessed with a physical appearance in which emotion is easy to project: on that is scary and wonderful spirit drive don’t have any complaints. The other types don’t seem to be talking to, but it has to be gesouffleerd. Especially for the stoic lions, with a clumsy mouth, but not to live. (…) The new, The Lion King continues to be a point of interest, with one caveat. Too real to feel, sometimes, also, again, false.”

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Marriage – the 3-star

“The new ‘photo-realistic’ technique, which is to be used, just like new, The Jungle Book, with impressive results. The savannah looks like a beautiful garden of eden, where the animals live in harmony, even though it is half the time in the evening on the other side.”

“At the same time, begins to understand that realism has to be something pretty good. Because the animals are so life like, some of the jokes are not very good, and it feels like the story is more than that, it may be, as an Icarus, who later would be wider in scope than is good for him. This is a very interesting point: do we take a movie seriously when, who, however, seems to be? Did you suddenly expect a bit more than that, when a film is traditionally animated, The Lion King (1994)?”

“It’s understandable, then, that Disney chose it for a new one, The Lion King, and as such well-known titles, providing almost always wins. It seems, however, that the attention of the new package went on, and while the scenario is just the same when it was done. If you do it, do it right.”

For the Moment, no stars

“It’s clear that the film is aimed at children and teenagers, who the film is in 1994 in the cinema and see it. They are familiar with the plot, and the close – out of their own heads and see their memories of life in a contemporary setting. The story line is just slightly changed. Even niesje baby-Simba’s pride is in its place left that.”

“At the most, there are some cuts in the tracks; a procedure which is just as well, the dialogue could have been taken. Because the story is so well-known, it was the talking animals, however, is a bit of a problem with this hyper-real world, quite often with their mouth to be able to keep track of, especially since the majority of blood-thirsty hyenas, the roaring of lions, and all of vertrappende wild beast for the target group, that is, more explanation is needed – for children under the age of ten, really is too scary.”

“Even so,” The Lion King live up to his expectations. The savannesprookje moves just like the original. But more importantly, this version is a visual spectacle in which the viewer’s eyes tekortkomt.”

The Telegraph – 4 stars

“In addition, it looks at the movement of all of the different animals in The Lion King, of course. It only has the increased realism is also a negative side: the animals are talking, it is because of this, the viewer is not easy to accept. In addition, it touches on a lot of the cartoonish character of the original animation will be lost. With the abstraction of a few of the lines can be somewhat funny, to be amplified, such as in a cartoon. Photo realism is in the way. What the program is input from the voice acting to be even more important.”

“Still, Jon Favreau, our irresistibly take to have a realistic-looking computerversie of the African safari in 3D. Where knuffelbare lion cubs playing together and with their shining eyes, their emotions seem to reflect that. Where the scary hyenas, biting, and grauwend in the pursuit of players, resulting in a 9+-leeftijdskeuring). The circle of life and all beings together.”

“This well-known story, The Lion King, skilfully re-told. With a great eye for detail and a good sense of rhythm, and, with respect to the original image, without becoming slaves to the monitor. Also, the dynamic cameravoering is on. As to the manner in which such a thing as a fleeting wisp of leeuwenhaar eye to journey through this life-looking into this world of fantasy, full of visual landmarks. The hit of 2019 at the latest, in the movie theater? Disney has created with this film is, without a doubt, in the house.”

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The AD is 4 stars

“The story needs more time to be re-told? Who needs The Lion King, or the theatermusicalversie of it, haven’t seen it? The cub Simba, who, after the death of his father, and his power-hungry uncle, Scar in the back of his neck feel the breath. This time, it is Now a sinister nature. He is perhaps the greatest villain in the history of walt Disney.”

“Expecting what, the story does not change in this remake. The film is almost a shot-for-shot re-told, only a real-to-life kind of way. That was for the creators to criticism, to stand up. Why content is no longer a risk be taken?”

“Disney would be a fool to do something with the plot to modify. The Lion King is a classic story, full of Shakespearean-esque conspiracies, and that there was really no change, there is no need. In the film, there is a renewed acquaintance, in a brand new, perfectly matching and truly stunning design.”

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