Recensieoverzicht: ‘the Fifth Master kevin is nice that history is repeating itself’

Thursday it appears, However, Kees is in the cloud in the room. What is the Dutch press, is the fifth film in the popular series of jeugdfilms? An overview of published reviews.
The NRC is 3 stars

“In the fifth section, organizes the principal Dreus, a ball of the fiftieth anniversary of the school, and to celebrate it, but, from the Kees up with a fear of heights, while his girlfriend is with him in a hot air balloon ride want to and feel up to the blue, a Friend, and Hasnâ each other for the ball, and to ask questions. There is also a little grief to a father, and a divorce.”

“Mees Kees promptly with such issues of loss, fear, light as a feather, to a natural act, it is never required. This is not a bleak, Swedish film, but an episode in a pleasant, easy-going series that we know is that the kinderhand will soon be filled.”

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The Telegraph – 3 stars

Kees (Leendert), the Knight is the best master of the school, and those who watch the movie, will discover why not. He must have a lot to learn, and will work with the students to provide solutions. He thinks he is good at and where they are a problem and, associated with them, and to us, because he’s funny and vulnerable.”

Just like its predecessors, it is, However, Kees is in the Clouds, and a warm and clean-looking film, with a sense of recognition as the most important asset. The little stories were, in each and every village to be able to play in every school, in every classroom. All of the students where there is a ‘however’, as Kees has to have it. That they have to give.”

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de Volkskrant, 3-star

“Mees Kees in the Clouds, is a sweet, light-hearted and well-organized kinderdrama, with a great role of Leendert de Ridder, who, in 2016, the baton took over the role from Willem Voogd. Still, it seems to stretch a little bit out of the equation. The film has very little momentum, which is especially a problem in the timing of the jokes. Children’s movies are not of a height to height, to miscarry, but these are the Most Kees can do and what pit to use.”

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The AD is 3 stars

“With their distinctive basisschoolproblemen, friends, and malligheden feel for all the characters we have become familiar with. In this close-knit class, and would you, yourself want to sit down with the sweet and bumbling, but in a way the master in the front. Sometimes it goes to the screenplay, to the sweet side, but the show has an undeniable character.”

“The film series is not in fact in a picturesque small villages, or in a fancy town, but in a typical Dutch residential area. Within this familiar, and sometimes boring-looking environment, it turns out that there are surprisingly a lot of room for originality, playfulness, and imagination.”

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