Recensieoverzicht the Band plays the Pinkpop festival: “it’s as If she’s never been away’

The band returned for nineteen years, after the gig at the Pinkpop festival, which is their big breakthrough, and return to the festival this week. For the band, frontwoman Jacqueline Govaert released with the new singles, Lost Without You, and How Would You Feel, and in October for three nights at the Ziggo Dome. have collected a few of the reviews of the concert, the band plays the Pinkpop festival.
The Telegraph

“In 2019, singing to the crowd on the big field and still be just as hard for them as at that time (in 2000), and Govaert shows, singing, and feeding is not forgotten. Visible, from left to right, front to back, moving on to the stage, so we can see it, preferably. Ten years after the group broke, which is more than enough for music, they stay for a very pleasant reunion of old friends. Also, because they have nothing returned to power, and skill, during the period that they are out of the Band bewandelden. They will perform at the job, it is as if they had never left it.”

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The Dutch Newspaper The Volkskrant

“It was a good performance, just as it used to be mainly worn by the beautiful natural sounding voice of Jacqueline Govaert. Also in the Band in the year 2019 and she is the main focal point. Nice to have the old, punky Stupid to hear it, even if it was in the heart of the show is, of course, with a soulful version of I Would Stay, and that, as hard as it was sung that the Govaert of the first chorus, to the audience all over again.”

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“We’re back home,” recalls frontwoman Jacqueline Govaert, it’s already out. “I can highly recommend this as a reunion.” While there, she was right, even if it knows they are likely to be so many years later, when a lot of bands in the sjeu however, since it is. Such a return is meant to make the pensioenpotje to mexico and some of the bands against heug and own preference for their old junk to play with. None of that has anything on the Band. You see, in the minds of the members of the band that they’re playing their songs and the reception from their fans missed it. Each and every one of them radiates from ear-to-ear, not because She is not uitgeknuffeld and kissed each other, touch. The happy egg is bouncing all over the stage, and it is wonderful to see. And that is the time that many of the people, for them to discover that, after more than a decade, yet many of the songs word for word and can sing along to.”

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