Recensieoverzicht: ‘Stuiterige Drake comes high expectations, not after’

Recensieoverzicht: ‘Stuiterige Drake comes high expectations, not after’

Drake performed on Saturday night in the Ziggo Dome, more than a week and a half after the Canadian rapper is actually on the stage should appear. collects reviews of various media, which are mixed to react on his show.

Telegraph – give no stars

“Although Drake, the huge stages, 99 percent of the time in his own, guiding and not more than a bit of walking here and there with a simple dance step, continued the Canadian, however, until the end buoys. Thanks to the technique, of course, the eye wants what and got it Saturday enough. But of course also by the many (club)hits these ex-tieneracteur after ten years bikkelen to each other could basting. “

“Cross-border hip-hop had never been as popular as now, and Drake is the man of the moment, was the lesson of this weekend.”

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Loyalty – three stars

“He raps what loud, but the sound is fine-tuned, nasal voice is heard clearly. Beautiful when Drake shows that he also can best sing, when he, with butter soft vocals over drawn-out synthtonen slips during ‘Feel No Ways’ – to an abrupt pause, and there again what rammende beats to it, let throw. It is working: the public remains constantly in the lesson.”

“Somewhat zelffeliciterend close that a well-oiled popshow, which his grateful fans have not a moment bored. So you Drake nearly that outrageous, rude postponement of his concerts would be forgiven. Bíjna.”

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Volkskrant – two stars

“The Canadian rapper starts impressively with a powerful run Still Lord of all stream-of-records-breaking album Views. (..) Drake moves like a dark shadow across the stage and Started From The Bottom has just the right cadence to the room considerably to get moving. The sound is already optimal, and nothing seems to be a topavond to stand in the way.”

“The flames reach high, to the ceiling. You can feel the warm glow to the back of the room. Spectacular, but not really necessary. As if Drake is afraid that he own strength is not rescues.”

“It is, in itself, a good strong finale, Drake bet. Know Yourself and Energy are among his strongest rapnummers. (..) What he wants to actually say with this alternately as the moon and the planet Mars featured piece of scenery? We have ten days to wait?”

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Drake interacting with fans during the show in Amsterdam. #BoyMeetsWorldTour


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22:36 – January 28, 2017

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