Recensieoverzicht: ‘Star Wars: Episode IX will feel crowded to

Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of yoda in a scene on Wednesday to see it in the cinemas. For a list of reviews on the movie.
The telegraph – 3.5 stars

“That the creator of the Star Wars series, George Lucas’ Star Wars in 1977, it began with Episode IV: A new hope had been for a good reason: he’s facing the viewer with a colorful game of reality, that is a lot to recommend about the film. Director J. J. Abrams will do it in The rise of Skywalker, is actually the opposite of that: by all that is happening in detail to explain each and every thread of the story is to clean off the dirt.”

“That desire for comprehensiveness leads to a parade of famous faces, which are die-hard fans will certainly be pleased. Like many of the battles in the area, and many of the lightsaber battles. The vertelritme leaves a little to be desired, and in addition, it has the sense of humor that is Episode IX – The last of the Jedi (by 2017) by Rian Johnson, was a somewhat neglected.”

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The NRC’s three-star

“The Force, but after nine volumes of inflation-the subject: of heroes and villains, to have unlimited super powers that will suddenly fail if the plots are required. And yet it is convincing in this adventure, and that’s mostly thanks to the charismatic zielsstrijd of Rey, and Kylo. J. J.”

“A preview of what’s shooting, as it is in the fan, as the cursed one – in all the time. In a way, because the amount of space and lichtsabelgevechten can a human being endure? The Rise of Series, it is not overwhelming, but it is a satisfying grand finale of the older generation. Not so much the new line can will have a trilogy to work with.”

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The AD give no stars

“Dull is The Rise of Series, is available today worldwide to be seen, you’d be surprised. This is where the film’s hekkensluiter of the third trilogy based on the famous Jedi and sith family, the Skywalker, the first of which was released in 1977 – much to the energetic and dynamic for that. Perhaps, too.”

“It is always on the move. Episode IX will feel this jam-packed with. The emotional moments are given barely any room to breathe.”

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