Recensieoverzicht: Spider-Man’s Homecoming is ” refreshing restart

Recensieoverzicht: Spider-Man’s Homecoming is ” refreshing restart

Tom Holland is the third actor of this century the role of Spider-Man. In Spider-Man: Homecoming does he do that, according to critics in a convincing manner.

The Volkskrant – three stars

“The superhero with spinnenkracht get with Spider-Man: Homecoming the third make-over in its fifteen years: after earlier performances by Tobey Maguire (in 2002, 2004 and 2007) and Andrew Garfield (in 2012 and 2014) should the talented actor Tom Holland (21) the character distinct from that of his predecessors, and especially of his fellow superheroes by Spider-Mans youthfulness to emphasize in this respect the film succeeded: Dutch Spider-Man, in school, only known as nerd Peter Parker, dares that one cute classmate, after some doubt, yet not kissing when he after a spectacular rescue operation upside down for her depends, while Tobey Maguire his beloved in 2002 in exactly the same situation, tempted to a classic filmkus. To the rest of the film – that is to say: action and plot is, unfortunately, less care.”

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NRC – four stars

“Spider-Man: Homecoming denies the ‘franchise fatigue’: a lively blockbusterfilm that an unexpected, fresh take on the puberende superhero. The version is a highschoolfilm of the Harry Potter type, with Iron Man as wise, but absent Dumbledore that the blunderende sorcerer’s apprentice by adolescence helps. He gives the very young Spider-Man a suit full of high tech gadgets, that is just as comical stuntelt as with his powers. Peter Parker does not immediately save the world, but gets all the space for eccentricities with teachers, friends, girls and father figures. The humour, resilience and hubris of adolescence is central: Peter Parker that stubborn hunting for many big game because he is full of wants as. Homecoming follows a funny, sometimes hilarious adventure that halfway – on the way to ‘prom night’ takes an unexpected turn. And so overcomes youthful assertiveness ‘franchise fatigue’. This superpuber can again for years.”

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Cast Spider-Man dilemmas about spiders and money thrown at

Faith – four stars

“One of the nice features of Homecoming, except for the light-hearted tone, is that it is not a merchandiser of hysterical scenes. Spider-Mans rival, The Vulture (excellent role of Michael Keaton, who previously had wings was in ‘Birdman’ and ‘Batman’), but also determines that the climax of the movie, the fight between the two is an afterthought. That is to say, the film is by a team of at least six screenwriters, as ingeniously put together, that the tweestrijdvoelt as an afterthought, even though that is indeed the course of the film. How effective Homecoming is realized, given the extensive marketing strategy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it appears at the end. If you except to any of the next Spider-Man film, also are curious about the new movie of The Vulture.”

AD – four stars

“The reboot of Spider-Man, the third version in the recent film series, begins not bad. The choice of Tom Holland as the spinnenman works great. With the rash character of Parker, a teenager with a double life, Holland is well-off. Spider-Man: Homecoming has a different approach than the previous films in the series. Tobey Maguire (three times), and especially Andrew Garfield (two times) members quickly to metal fatigue. Holland looks fresh, open-minded, and is more sympathetic. It also has Spider-Man an interesting opponent. Cunning cast is Michael Keaton as the flying villain Vulture can finally show what his oscar-winning role in Birdman actually had in store.”

The Telegraph – a 3.5 star

“Director Jon Watts mixes in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the genre of high school comedy successfully with that of the superheldenfilm. Especially the insecurities and blunders of the hero give the Marvel adventure a warm beating heart. Because they are of Spider-Man is an ordinary teenager. A student who has a quiet love for the unattainable Liz (Laura Harrier) and daydream in some lessons, while his praktikum Chemistry used to be webvloeistof to perfect. Also, the humor works. The digital effects overloaded action scenes offer in the meantime, little that is new under the sun, but remain in this refreshing genre mix amusing enough.”

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The Watchword – three stars

“In the Avengersfilm Captain America: civil war (2016) was the supertiener from New York when the team was for a guest appearance as a prelude to a new soloavontuur. It was a peculiar way to the new interpreter Tom Holland to introduce. The young actor made after Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, however, a deep impression: the third spinneman of this millennium is the first that actually as a teenager looks like. After three movies with Maguire and Garfield distinguishes the new variant is especially of the pastors by the overlaps with the recent Avengersfilms.De infectious pubergrapjes are welcome and successful, but the avalanche of references to other Marvelfilms, tv series and comics is silly boasting. Or smart marketing.”

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