Recensieoverzicht: “so Much to smile’ in high-energy second Lego Movie

Since this week is Lego Movie 2 in the cinemas, the sequel to the animatiehit from 2014. Reviewers prices, especially the humor in the film, in which figures of the popular toys play the key role.

AD – 3 stars

“The Lego Movie 2: The Second offers more of the same. The same figures diving again, Emmet Brickowski (voiced by Chris Pratt), the hero willy-nilly. He notices that his girlfriend Lucy (voiced by Elizabeth Banks) now a actieheldin has no problems in a Mad Max movie would be able to participate.”

“Humor is not missing in The Lego Movie 2: The Second . Bruce Willis dives as legofiguurtje and there are many dialogues and references to Hollywood movies. But as a total this is the sequel to less than its predecessor. It is a clear case of overdo it. In visual terms, this part of his expectations.”

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the Volkskrant 4 stars

“The structure and development of The Lego Movie 2, also to be seen in an excellent English dubbed version, reflects, even more than the first part, the playing with Lego, in which the speluniversum is only limited by the imagination of the maker/player.”

“Convenient how the creators with their barrage of imaginative absurdism, the focusdoelgroep and their parents operate. Compared to Abraham Lincoln on a Game of Thrones-like throne a dozen skateboardende velociraptors in a spaceship. Compared to a detailed, elaborate pastiche of the mind-blowing tijdreissequentie in sciencefictionklassieker 2001: A Space Odyssey is a banaanpoppetje that don’t move forward is because he is still going to slip on his own peel.”

“The Lego Movie 2 is still as shameless marriage between creativity and commerce, but more important is that the energy and inventiveness of the original in this sequel are retained.”

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NRC – 3 stars

“The problem of The Lego Movie 2 is that five years later, the idea of an ironic, subversive, playful film full of self-deprecating humor about superheroes not so fresh. With thanks to the success of the first part and the Deadpool movies. Meanwhile, jokes about Batman as a pathetic, self-conceited narcissist just as jaded as the genre parodied. The creators find it themselves all very subversive, but it is what that became.”

“Of course, there is still much to smile and are also the songs are very fun, such as the deliberately catchy Catchy Song, Everything’s Not Awesome (that title is also the premise of the movie) and a song during the credits to hear is about the correct credits. The cleverness, double bottoms and the ironic postmodernism dripping again. It is certainly witty, but also, ultimately, what an effort.”

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